Kate Gerrard has closed her two downtown La Crosse restaurants, Shady Kate’s at 333 Main St. and Kate’s Pizza Amore at 212 Main St., according to identical signs that were posted Tuesday at the entrances to both.

“I would like to thank all of my customers and employees over the years,” said the message on the signs, which ended with Gerrard’s first name. “It was a great run! Unfortunately, our share of the dining business continued to shrink as more restaurants continue to open. However, our expenses continue to climb. We are no longer able to make ends meet.”

Gerrard opened Kate’s on State at 1810 State St. in 2002, moved it to 333 Main St. in 2012 and renamed it Shady Kate’s in October 2018. She opened her pizza restaurant in 2009.

Gerrard was not available for comment Tuesday.

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Why is it whenever a restaurant closes due to faltering business they never take ownership of the failure? Seems like many restaurants thrive. You can't blame the economy or number of other restaurants if yours fails while others thrive.

let it go

I am not blaming anyone, but to be honest I have never heard of either of these places which leads me to believe she catered to a select clientele. Seems that business that do this are going out of business or struggling. Sorry for this because it sounds like you put a lot of work into the businesses.


The place wasn't anything special. Overpriced and really didn't stand out. Especially for their prices.


Must be Trumps great economy.


OR, maybe all her liberal friends didn’t want to part with their money and pay the cost of her food.


Or maybe it’s the great Trump economy like all the other businesses closing. How do you know she’s a liberal ?

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