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With less and less time, Addie Tourville decided she had to either get out of her growing addiecakes made-from-scratch cupcakes, cakes and cookies business, or follow her dream of baking full time and opening a shop to sell her products.

So she opened her new addiecakes shop last week at 313 Main St. in downtown La Crosse. The shop’s grand opening will be on Tuesday.

Tourville moved addiecakes from the Coulee Region Business Center, also known as the small business incubator. She began making her gourmet cupcakes there in June 2014, and she later expanded into cakes and cookies, all baked-to-order.

Tourville, who is 22, graduated from West Salem High School in 2011. While attending college, she became a work-a-holic. And while operating her growing but part-time addiecakes custom baking business, she was holding two or three other jobs at a time.

“I ultimately had to decide whether to quit baking or move forward” with her dream, she said.

Tourville now does all of her baking in the new retail location, where she has expanded her product line to include such things as muffins, baked doughnuts, cheesecakes, pie, chocolate-covered Oreos and chocolate-covered strawberries.

She continues to bake-to-order, but for the first time has a retail counter where walk-in customers can buy without ordering. There also are chairs and tables for customers to eat at, and coffee, milk and bottled water also are for sale.

The shop also sells mugs, glassware, signs and addiecakes T-shirts.

“There’s a great vibe about downtown that makes you want to be part of it,” Tourville said of her decision to locate downtown. She has one employee besides herself.

“I’ve been envisioning a cupcake shop for four years,” Tourville said. “It’s really fun to see the dream becoming a reality.”

Six crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling of the shop, whose walls have been painted violet and lavender.

The shop’s original terrazzo floor has been uncovered and restored. “We had to remove two layers of tile (flooring) and one layer of carpet to find it,” Tourville said. The building was constructed in 1897, she said.

“We were going for something that was simple, elegant and classy,” Tourville said of the shop’s interior look. “One of my other passions is interior design.”

She traces the history of addiecakes to her senior year at West Salem High School, when she took a class that focused on graphic design. Two friends suggested a cupcake company to Tourville for her class project, which gave her the idea for Addie’s Cupcakes. She designed cupcake T-shirts that she sold to other students, and those who bought one received a free cupcake.

Although she now bakes a variety of treats in her new downtown shop, Tourville predicted cupcakes will remain her biggest seller. She also expects wedding cakes to remain a big part of her business.

Her most popular cupcake flavors are Oreo Cookie Overload and Vanilla Raspberry Surprise. “We have a ton of gourmet specialty (cupcake) flavors,” besides those, Tourville said. “I like experimenting with different flavors.”

The menu on Tourville’s website also has a separate page for gluten-free items, and a page for corporate treats. “I offer sweet treats for businesses, whether it’s a party or a meeting,” she said.

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Digital news editor

(5) comments

Maybe You're Wrong

I wish her the best of luck as well.

I'm not sure why Scotty believes her pretty face is worth mentioning twice because it has nothing at all to do with her business. (I do agree Addie is pretty.) Perhaps Scotty thinks attractive young women should not be in business, should get married and bake cupcakes at home. Whatever.

I do wonder about the longevity of such an enterprise. There are full service bakeries which have gone out of business. How does she think a she can pay the bills and earn a living in La Crosse with a cupcake boutique? We'll see.

Along the same lines I wonder how many months the beef jerky store in Crossing Meadows will stay open. Same deal, I can't imagine there will be enough traffic or volume to sustain this business in Crossing Meadows for very long.

The people who opened Cousins Subs in that shopping center did a great job and worked their butts off selling sandwiches (obviously a more popular and mainstream product). The place still closed.


Wishing Addiecakes great success, unlike Scotty above who seems to think that an attractive, hard-working woman doesn't deserve to achieve her dream.


Why doesn't the Tribune and the television stations wait until this business succeeds until they go gaga over a pretty face that sells $3.00 cupcakes?
There are plenty of businesses that deserve press before this one. You guys got fooled by a pretty face. They will be closed by end of summer.


It's customary. First time reading the paper?


Bought some cupcakes and cupcake pops on a stick from Addiecakes a couple of years ago. They were tremendous. Hope she does well.

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