MS-13 is a boogeyman used by the lying, racist President Donald Trump to scare people about illegal crossings at the southern border and don't listen to him -- or so say leftist politicians, let's-pretend journalists and puzzling professors.

At least these people do not grab you, slice you to death with their machetes, bang your head with baseball bats or, as in one recent incident, carve out your heart.

That's what happened in California, and 19 of the 22 MS-13 gang members accused of this barbarism crossed the southern border illegally in recent years. While you may agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that walls are evil, the term is more nearly applicable to freak-show politics.

Jay Ambrose mug

Jay Ambrose

What we have here is a threat of the left, not just in recent border inanities, but in antifa activists whose masks scarcely hid their brutality when they recently beat a conservative journalist until his brain bled.

Then one antifa loyalist tried to blow up a detention facility because it was run by ICE.

The border argument is do-for-others vs. don't-do-for-others.

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It is doing for others to stop treacherous desert treks by Central Americans that sometimes end in death. It is doing for others to develop a coherent system that can actually figure out who asylum seekers are before letting them loose in America. It is doing for others to determine whether the adult with a child is a parent or human trafficker plotting her sexual career.

It is not doing for others to say come one and all with essentially open borders and a dread of deporting people already found askew of the law.

It is not doing for others to belittle ICE, which protects us while sanctuary cities endanger us with the excuse that if you enforce the law it makes it harder to enforce the law. Democrats share the blame for what these MS-13 criminals did and should at least visit the graveyards of their victims.

I am sick and tired of leftists calling everyone a racist who happens to be a white American and wish I did not have to endure the bigotry of many of them toward Christians, the rich (except for themselves), conservatives, corporate chiefs and major chunks of the white working class.

Obviously, there are bad conservatives and what does it matter that Trump helped build a great economy especially benefitting black Americans and women? After all, Democratic presidential candidates mostly want less liberty in order to facilitate socialistic practices reducing the human soul as much as it does the economy, if there is still such a thing left after the Green New Deal.

Yes, Republicans and Trump have issues, but they are not alone.

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Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


(18) comments


its not immigrants or Muslims or mental illness that is causing these mass shootings. Its the white supremacists ideology that is responsible for these shootings. A fact that is indisputable.


Yes, the Democrats and -- especially -- the honest media should stop picking on billionaires and multi-billion-dollar corporations for buying and selling the people we try to elect to represent us honestly. Ambrose tells us: "Yes, Republicans and Trump have issues, but they are not alone. " It is a shame anybody would have the temerity to point out these "issues", I guess, and should limit their criticism to the issues that the Democrats have. Ambrose over and over again proves himself to be the absolute worst columnist and political pundit in the business.


Maybe Ambrose and Trump should get serious about white supremacists like the one who shot up the Walmart in El Paso. They seem to be doing as much or more damage than MS13.


Yes, because it's their white supremacy that led them to commit mass murder. I'm sure they were perfectly sane, measured, calculating people. I'll remember this next time there's a massacre by someone if color. I'll blame their skin color and political leanings, like you are doing. We'll get far. By the way, you just used literal racism. You directly established abhorrent behavior to skin color. Congrats, that's something Trump never did.


D, you just don't have a clue, never will.


Yes, D, it is a hate crime to point out that somebody who has just carried out a white supremacist-linked mass murder was a white person. Your desperation over the lack of an argument is showing.

Rick Czeczok

Now you say your wife was a Dr. If so you are not from the area because the occupations and retirements don't match anyone from the area. Another lie either way it looks like. But wherever you are from no wounder you are a socialist. You have had it made your whole life with someone else paying your way, figures a sugar mama was involved if true.


Ricky what is it like to be such an ignorant no talent a$$hole?


I think Czeczok is drinking too much. You may be right about him being an a$$hole though.


I do not follow your logic with regard to "the occupations and retirements don't match anyone from the area." But this time you guessed correctly. A blind squirrel does occasionally find an acorn. I do not live in the La Crosse area. I grew up there until I went to college in Madison where I met my future wife in graduate school. My parents lived in La Crosse until their death, and I still have childhood friends there. I considerate it my home town. So is it OK if I read my hometown newspaper online Ricky? Hopefully your ignorant and mean spirited attitude is only reflective of a minority of the residents of La Crosse. As far as my wife supporting me you probably do not know given your regressive attitudes, marriage is supposed to be a collaboration, a partnership. She did not pay my way anymore than I paid her way when I earned more than she did. Your stupid personal attacks are no substitute for knowledge and wisdom. As a matter of fact, they are definite proof that you have neither.


Yes Ambrose, Trump has issues, and you never talk about them. His racist rants on twitter have sparked another round of race baiting to pander to his base. More mass shootings around the country, many of which are being carried out by white nationalists. Something far more dangerous to this country than any foreign terrorist organization. Yes Trump has issues, many you fail to ever mention. His style of hate politics is fueling these killings. We are setting a new record for mass shootings this year. Something you Trump worshipers seem to be proud of.


You are connecting mass shootings to skin color. Directly connecting abhorrent behavior to race. THAT is racism, by any official definition. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.


no D I am not and you know it. Now you are trying to normalize white nationalists groups who are the most racist people alive. That is what they call themselves, white nationalists, white supremacists, KKK, Nazi's. fascist....When someone is calling for the extermination of another race from this country, it is fanaticism and hate in its purist form. White Nationalist or supremacist support those objectives. Case closed. I didn't say all whites are like that, just those fanatical groups who you now seem to support. They commit the hate crimes, they are the racist, they seem to be numerous. If its was just blacks or Muslim or Hispanics committing these mass shootings or killings, you can bet your pals on the right wouldn't be so sympathetic to the shooters. but since they are white you seem to want to coddle them. No wonder people think you are a racist.


nothing but crickets again from D. You lose!


Move over Ricky there's a new nut in town!

Rick Czeczok

Why did you finally take a good look at yourself? Good for you. Like they say "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while". Sugar mama's little squirrel (he said his wife was a retired Dr.). Right......


he meant you have a soul mate there little ricky boy. someone who is on the same stupid level as you. Unfortunately there are too many like you, but you are not alone. so now you have company. Good for you


ambrose should not be taken seriously. trump should not be taken seriously. Not in any way,shape or form.

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