Teddy L. Thompson: Good time to throw away marijuana

Teddy L. Thompson: Good time to throw away marijuana

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Drug drop-off on Saturday is an opportunity to throw away all your illegal marijuana.

It is an opportunity to get rid of a gateway drug to addiction of other chemicals. It is your chance to say no to marijuana the drug that is illegal in most states. The drug that science has found over and over again to have negative effects on your mind. Especially the developing mind which may take the first 26 years of life to mature. The drug that 43% of 13-year-olds have already tried.

Marijuana is a mind-altering drugs that will possibly cause you to make worse impulsive decisions.

Stopping your marijuana is a chance to pass the initial and random drug testing done by employers that either do not allow you to get the job or get you terminated from employment.

Now you could apply for a new job or keep your old job, whether government employment or private sector. Make the big leap. You have everybody on your side from the federal level to the state of Wisconsin to the committees in the La Crosse area that is fighting to stop drug addiction.

Marijuana is illegal and expensive and more powerful today than when the initial scientific studies were performed. The marijuana on the streets today has other chemicals laced into it that you are not aware of and can, in combination be worse for your brain than originally thought.

Teddy L. Thompson. Onalaska

Teddy L. Thompson is medical director of Addiction Medical Solutions, Onalaska.


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