We have finished our summer sermon series titled, “Oh for a Faith.” So that means we have also come to the end of our summer.

I did not accomplish all the things I wanted to accomplish this summer. How about you? Did you take advantage of the summer months and accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish? So it is appropriate for us to end our summer and sermon series with one more,” Oh for a Faith” that makes the most of every opportunity.

We want a faith that makes the most of every opportunity because we know our days are short and sometimes without warning our lives are over. The Apostle Paul says, “The time is short.” (1 Corinthians 7:29).

King David said, “As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.” (Psalm 103:15, 16)

The hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and the 10th anniversary of the flooding in our region, reminds us that life is short and everything can change in a moment. We need this reminder that life is short, and that we won’t always have tomorrow to get done what we should be doing today.

So God’s word reminds us that our time is short. But where do I find the faith to make the most of every opportunity? That very same word of God. God’s word reminds us that he is changeless and eternal, and loving to his creation. God’s word shows us his ultimate love in Jesus. And God also, through his word, gives us his spirit to believe in the salvation that we have in Jesus. And there’s the faith we desire.

God’s word not only gives us that faith, but also it strengthens and empowers that faith to see that every day, every moment of our life is a gift from him, to be used to glorify him, to thank him. We see examples of people making the most of every opportunity even in the worst of times. Even with flood waters destroying their own homes, people in Houston, Texas, took it upon themselves to go out and find people stranded in the flood. They didn’t wait for someone else to do it. They didn’t think about themselves first. They didn’t wait for the waters to recede. They took advantage of the opportunity that they had.

We can do the same. My sinful nature says, “Someone else will do it.” My sinful nature says, “There is time tomorrow to reach that person, or reach that soul.” My sinful nature says, “I’m too busy.”

Instead, I need to hear God’s word that says you are a forgiven child of God. God loves you and continues to bless you. Your faith then grows stronger and we can’t help but want to thank God with our every day, our every moment, living our lives for him.

Our time is short. May God strengthen your faith today to make the most of every opportunity to live for him and share Jesus with others. Keep Christ first!

Chris Christenson is the pastor at First Evangelical Lutheran Church.