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These conviction records are provided by Houston County’s Clerk of Courts, Caledonia.

Caledonia police

Brandon Robert Chapel, 18, Houston. Drugs — possession of more than 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle, $150. Possession of drug paraphernalia, $50.

Roland Garcia, 35, Caledonia. Traffic — driving after a license revocation, $200.

Gary Anthony Klug, 57, Caledonia. Traffic — speeding—80/55, $70.

April Renee Nelson, 35, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Traffic — no proof of insurance, $200.

Kristina Jeanne Nolte, 47, Caledonia. Traffic — driving with expired registration, $30.

Jason Arthur Worsley, 34, Caledonia. Traffic — driving after a license cancellation, $100.

Hokah police Andrew Keith Brown, 33, St. Paul. Traffic — speeding—45/30, $60. No proof of insurance, $200.

Chad Edward Busness, 40, La Crescent. Traffic — driving after a license revocation, $200. Failure to use headlights in rain, snow or sleet, $40.

Houston County

Christine Marie Anderson, 47, Houston. Drugs — petty misdemeanor possession of a small amount of marijuana, $50. Possession of drug paraphernalia, $50.

Chad Edward Busness, 40, La Crescent. Traffic — driving after a license revocation, $200.

Wendy Lea Colsch, 50, New Albin, Iowa. Traffic — speeding—75/55, $70.00.

Scott Richard Coxworth, 49, Houston. Drugs — possession of drug paraphernalia, $50.

Frederick George Kriemelmeyer, 68, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Felony filing of fraudulent financing statements, $75 and five year’s of probation.

John Curtis May II, 45, Mabel. Traffic — driving after a license revocation, $75.

Richard Paul McKee, 57, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Operating a motorboat while impaired, $400 and 90 days of confinement.

Ramiro Itehua Salas, 23, Hokah. Traffic — driving after a license revocation, $200. No proof of insurance, $200.

Luke Joseph Sampson, 35, Hokah. Traffic — speeding—80/55, $70.

Craig Allen Stortz, 63, Canton. Traffic — speeding—65/55, $70.

La Crescent police

Preston Micheal Macomber, 25, Decorah, Iowa. Traffic — no proof of insurance, $200. Speeding—57/40, $60.

Bailey Michael Puttkemery, 21, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Traffic — speeding—60/40, $70.

Scott Edward Duffy, 40, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Taking fish without angling license, $100.

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