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The old Money Creek Schoolhouse has finally been demolished.

The property, located 1524 Clinton Road, was torn down last week by contractors hired by Houston County after a court order to demolish the building unless repairs were made. After deadlines for repairs were missed, the county hired Vangundy Excavating to raze the old school and the project was completed last week.

A fire damaged the old schoolhouse about 10 years ago and Houston County Environmental Services Director Rick Frank said adequate repairs to the property were never completed.

“When the fire burned, it spread completely through the inside,” said Frank.

The building contained asbestos, which required the county to bring a special firm to remove the hazardous material. Overall, the demolition project cost about $40,000, and Frank said the county will put a lien against the property to try and recoup those funds.

Frank said the building was a public safety concern and local residents had voiced concerns to the Township of Money Creek. The township board requested assistance from the county, which got the legal process to fix or demolish the property started.

The property is owned by Thomas J. Rohn of Ohio.

Rohn’s wife, Kaymarie Rohn, said it was their intention to get the house up to code, but the list of improvements was too difficult and expensive for them to achieve. Rohn said some of the included items on the list were to fence in the area, put on a new roof and install an alarm system.

Frank said the county had tried to work with the Rohns.

“We tried hard to work with the landowner to get everything taken care of and remediate the problem, but nothing was done,” said Frank. “Even on the court dates, the landowners never showed, nor did they send anything to the court to communicate why they weren’t there.”

The county authorized Money Creek Township to take the matter to court, said Frank, where a judge decided the building should be removed if the landowners didn’t complete a list of improvements within 30 days. Frank said Aug. 1 was the date everything on the list needed to be completed, and none of it was.

Frank confirmed earlier this week that the demolition of the former schoolhouse was complete.

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