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I attended the county board meeting on June 5. My concern was that if the county board hires a new county

administrator to manage Houston County at a cost to taxpayers of $125,000 to  $150,000 per year, does that mean the county commissioners’ compensations will be reduced?

Houston County has $155,380 in its 2018 budget for the cost of our five county commissioners. It would be logical to think a county administrator will be assuming most of the commissioners’ duties.

If not, why hire one?

These are the duties taxpayers elected/hired our county commissioners to do. My appearance before the county board was not to discuss the hiring of a county administrator but rather to discuss a reduction in county commissioners’ compensations should one be hired. It was brought up at the meeting by commissioners that school districts have a superintendent and cities have an administrator, and they are correct.

The point is do commissioners know what elected city officials and school board members get paid? It takes no less talent and effort to be a city official or school board member than a county commissioner.

I suggested that the commissioners’ salary be reduced to $5,000 per year. This would give the taxpayers at least $100,000 savings per year to help pay for the new county administrator.

The question is will the commissioners reduce their compensations? This is a question that our current commissioners should answer and certainly candidates running for county commissioner in November.

As for me, I do not like paying twice for the management of the county’s business. The commissioners expressed that hiring a county administrator will save the taxpayers money. Well, here is one more area for savings.

Chuck Schulte, Caledonia



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