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La Crescent Mobile Meals has been serving meals seven days a week to residents of La Crescent for more than 40 years.

It is all volunteer service. There is a director and a treasurer. There are four teams of delivery people led by a person from each of the four largest churches in town.

Each church team (not all necessarily members of the same church) delivers for two weeks. There are usually 14 delivery teams and two or three substitute delivery teams for each church. That means an individual delivers meals one time every eight weeks or six to seven times a year.

Delivering meals is not a huge commitment. We do have snowbirds who are gone for a while in the winter, but others pick up their delivery days.

The coolers and delivery book are picked up at Prince of Peace and driven to Mayo Clinic. You'll leave the empty coolers there and take the coolers ready for delivery, deliver the meals and return the empty coolers to Prince of Peace.

The meals are picked up at Mayo Clinic at 10:50 a.m. You stop by the curb on the Market Street side of Mayo Clinic, put on your flashers and exchange coolers with a Mayo staff person on the sidewalk or inside the door. The total takes about one hour. If we have more clients, it could take up to 1.5 hours. We average 10 to 12 clients. If you would like to volunteer regularly or substitute, please contact one of the team leaders:

Edie Haskin 895-2089

Lois Hund 895-2926

Judy Kumpf 895-8703

Shirley Zessin 507-894-4397

In addition to drivers, La Crescent Mobile Meals is looking for a director who takes calls from potential clients, family of potential clients, social workers or public health nurses and makes appointments for home visits.

For more information about serving as a director of La Crescent Mobile Meals, contact treasurer Kay Snuggerud, 507-894-4668.

The service provided by having a hot meal with milk, bread and dessert delivered to a person’s door daily can be a life-saving service and help a person stay at home much longer. Please consider being a volunteer delivery driver or the new director. Please consider involving yourself in this worthwhile opportunity.

L. Kay Snuggerud, La Crescent

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