Jackie Baker: Why won't Johnson debate?

Jackie Baker: Why won't Johnson debate?

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Why is it that Eric Johnson refuses to debate Justin Zmyewski? Could it be that he knows he can’t compete with Justin?

Justin has already done everything Eric says he will do.

Justin has voted every year for 0 percent tax increase. Justin has pushed for a smaller, more efficient government. He has held people accountable and kept spending to a minimum.

Eric says he has confidence the constituents are well informed. And, they are, thanks to Justin’s monthly articles keeping everyone informed.

It’s easy to say you will do those things but it’s a different story to actually do them.

So, is Eric refusing to debate Justin because he knows Justin will expose his platform for what it really is?

After years of lobbying for big corporate frac sand mining companies, Eric decided that being a lobbyist wasn’t working. So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Eric has never attended a commissioner meeting to talk about his concerns with the budget, Human Services, Public Health, Veterans Services, Surveyors Office, etc. But, he never missed a chance to come and speak out in support of frac sand mining.

Eric is trying desperately to paint Justin as a Washington politician before it gets exposed that Eric is a Washington style lobbyist.

But I will give Eric credit for one thing, he said just look at Justin’s voting record. I did, and I was impressed.

Jackie Baker, Rushford


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