The Wisconsin Department of Transportation awarded Hoffman Construction a contract to complete a 6½-mile stretch of road that will be in front of the new Foxconn manufacturing facility in Racine County.

The $12.7 million contract is to reconstruct a north-south frontage road along Interstate 94 south of Hwy. 11 in front of the future Foxconn manufacturing facility to accommodate the I-94 widening project.

Foxconn is investing $10 billion for a 13,000-employee complex that will be built in Mount Pleasant in Racine County. The Taiwan-based company plans to make advanced liquid-crystal display panels for commercial and consumer uses, including televisions.

The project will consist of 240,000 cubic yards of excavation, 240,000 tons of aggregate base and more than 50,000 tons of asphalt.

The original contract completion date was Nov. 18, but due to the upcoming Foxconn manufacturing facility located adjacent to the project, the completion date was changed to June 1.

“We have a plan” Brian Aebly, vice president of operations at Hoffman Construction, said. “What would normally be a 1-year job, the DOT decided to accelerate it as part of the public works to facilitate Foxconn. Our equipment, our people and subcontractors are ready to accept the challenge.”

A combination of off-road trucks and on-road dump trucks will recycle crush existing pavement to meet the schedule.

Work is scheduled to begin Monday with clearing and grubbing, traffic control and erosion control.

“Coordination with all the utility relocation in progress will be another challenge in addition to the schedule,” said James Hoffman, President of Hoffman Construction.

Hoffman Construction is excited to contribute to the state’s largest construction project — the public and private work for the Foxconn manufacturing facility.

“Foxconn coming to Wisconsin resembles when Henry Ford picked Detroit for the first automotive manufacturing facility. We look forward in utilizing Hoffman Construction’s fleet of scrapers, dozers and haul trucks and especially our biggest asset, our people, to build the projects,” said Hoffman.

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random annoying bozo

only a lefty would be upset about jobs being created.

Proud LAX Dem

Just more pretend work. My prediction is they won’t actually build anything. It’s all a PR stunt for repubs.


I see another nut job !


How many out of state workers will they be hiring?

Dave from Wisc

Depends on the supply of workers in Wisconsin. Interesting thing....a Wisconsin company (can't recall if it was Hoffman or Lunda) got a Minnesota contract over Minnesota companies because the Minnesota firms had too many white guys working for them, while the Wisconsin company said they will bring in black guys and hispanics. See in Minnesota that's what counts, even if your bid is higher.


Please provide where this can be validated. I'd like to check this out.

Dave from Wisc


Dave from Wisc

"In February, McCrossan had the low bid and the best technical score for the approach project, but MnDOT later rejected the bid on the grounds that McCrossan didn’t meet “good faith effort” requirements for inclusion of disadvantaged business enterprises.

The $58.1 million bid from the Lunda/Ames was nearly $6 million more than McCrossan’s, but MnDOT said Lunda/Ames was able to meet the project’s 16.7 percent goal for DBE participation.

McCrossan committed to 10.69 percent, but wanted more time to work on the goal."

Dave from Wisc


Walter Sobchak

This the same company that claimed they had to go to Minnesota for work?

Dave from Wisc

Was thinking the same thing. They attacked Governor Walker not too long ago. My take at the time......it was a PR move to get Minnesota Democrats to award them Minnesota contracts.

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