Well it’s here. Halloween has come and gone, which means we are officially into the heart of the holiday season.

As someone who grew up in rural Jackson County, there was always one thing on Halloween night that my family didn’t get to participate in while I was growing up…handing out the candy.

The best we ever got were one or two cousins coming over because we asked them to.

It seems to be a funny thing to have missed growing up, but I genuinely wanted to see all of the kids in their costumes as they came up to the door. I imagined they would have these glowing faces when I showed them the candy bowl.

After two years of college, we finally found ourselves in an apartment complex that had some children.

Both Steph and I were excited because we knew we’d get some trick-or-treaters. So we grabbed a huge bag of candy and a Halloween-inspired bowl to hand out the candy the weekend before.

On trick-or-treat night, we waited patiently until it was time and then turned on our porch light. Eventually five minutes passed, then 30 minutes and then 45. No one was coming to our door.

In a depressive state, we began to eat our own candy, trying to add flavor to our suddenly boring night.

Finally after nearly two hours of waiting, a trick-or-treater wrapped on our door. We were so excited and happened to actually have some candy left. We flung the door open and it was this little girl dressed up as a princess.

She was pretty cute as she said “trick or treat,” so naturally we gave her most of our candy. After all, if we kept it we would eat it. That’s rule number one: get rid of the candy so you don’t have to eat all of it.

A few years passed as we continued to stay in apartments, which we eventually learned attracted no children on Halloween. Finally we bought a house in Columbus, so we were ready that year.

Again we bought a bunch of candy and a Halloween-inspired bowl to put it in. On trick-or-treat night, we anxiously waited for the trick-or-treat time to begin.

Suddenly there was a mob of people on our street looking for some candy. Luckily we had just that.

It was a glorious night where at every turn there was a new costume. There were princesses, puppies, action figures and so much more. It was just like I had imagined growing up. It also continues to be the one and only year where I got to stay home and hand out candy.

As a family with a growing child, we don’t stay home on Halloween. Instead we take Carter around to all the houses in the neighborhood. So I guess I am going to have to wait a few more years before I get to experience handing out candy on Halloween again.

However as I was walking with Carter this year, I realized that being with him as he gets candy is much more fun. This year I got to watch him walk up to everyone else’s door and knock. I got to watch him try and say trick-or-treat and his eyes brighten when he sees all of the candy bowls.

This year was better than I had ever imagined staying home would be. Staying at home for Halloween can wait until Carter grows up, which I hear will happen too fast.


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