I am sitting in an office that is a total mess. Total. Like what you say? Well first off is paperwork for not only us, but the remnants of people past and another present. A very old stereo system that nobody ever plays anything on, photos, old remotes that don’t work, unplugged lamps, vases, a toy mouse my cat won’t play with, empty Amazon boxes, yellowing newspapers, pillows, cards, my mother’s crossword dictionary, two Norwegian Bibles, a VHS tape, dried flowers from a friend that are falling apart, paint cans, pans and rollers and a framed painting of my Little House. Oh and a file cabinet with out-of-date, worthless information in it. Yup.

Why? We aren’t technically hoarders. We’re messy savers and we are totally remodeling our house. Oh, I should say my husband is remodeling our house on weekends, after working a full week, and there have been other things that need to be done too. Like mowing the huge lawn, which yes I am beginning to help with. You definitely can tell what areas I have mowed. I mow like I paint. Haphazard.

Everything has been shoved into this tiny room and basement as the other rooms are being pulled apart, rewired (he’s an electrician), ceilings raised (excellent carpenter), floors are being redone, cupboards refinished, a new kitchen island, painting galore and lots of sheet rock dust to be wiped up. He will be building a laundry room upstairs as the units are now in the basement with the less messy collections from the past and present.

We have moved enough times to satisfy the both of us. I still see the various moving company stickers on the sides of chairs, tables, boxes and odd ball stuff. Some have at least three different stickers. Crazy huh? I found a box from when we moved in 2000 that has not been opened until I looked in it not so long ago. I got lost in its contents. The photos, the treasures of my childhood, some of my kids school papers, cards…precious stuff. Hadn’t seen them for 17 years and I’m keeping every item…for now.

I will go through all my stuff and my husband will have to get a little ruthless too. With each move we have made, we got rid of things. Actually lots of things were donated or given to the new owners of each house. Now we need them. Many things have had to be purchased again as we weren’t going to drag everything to the new places we were going. Moving companies ain’t cheap folks.

But it is kind of an adventure and when someone comes here and they see drills, saws, paint cans and brushes, they don’t think it looks as much like a mess but a masterpiece in the making. That is at least what I tell myself.

I do look forward to the day I can start bringing furniture back in and all my collections of wonderful whimsy will be on display on the fabulous shelves my husband is going to build for me. Of course that is when he has time. I will be patient. He is good at this and it is worth the wait. I’ll keep you posted folks. In the mean time I just might straighten this office up a little, or maybe not.

Until next time…


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