Attending an auction is an eye opening experience. Oh I have been to a few, but this past weekend I was involved in one and the event not only was to sell things but to kind of have a family and friend get together.

Not all auctions are quite that cozy, but people who frequently shop them get to know each other and at this one it was fun to see folks slapping each other on the back and hugging and saying, “I thought of you when I saw that was for sale. I hoped you’d make it.”

The lunch wagon gets lots of business because being at a fun auction kind of makes you forget about your diet and it is fun to snack while you sit in your yard chair clutching your number card hoping to catch a deal.

The fun of a couple folks nodding back and forth at the auctioneer is interesting. My nephew and I were visiting and the whole time I didn’t even notice he was bidding and ended up with something he had his eye on for his wife. He’s tall, a frequent auction guy and the auctioneer knew his signal. He never missed a bit of our conversation. Smooth.

It’s a whole different atmosphere and it really is kind of a good time. I saw people I haven’t seen in ages and was introduced to folks and I even found a few treasures that will probably be in my own auction one day in the future.

It was a good time. This was a family event for us and a lot of work went into getting ready for it.

Auctions are fun. People find treasures that they never knew they needed or ever even wanted.

It was fun and I saw many people I haven’t seen for some time. It turns out to be a social event and is just good old fun.

Anyway…I’m happy the auction was a success and now my family is on to the next phase of their journey. Lots of things to do in the next few months.

Lots of changes happening in a short amount of time.

Until next time…


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