The other day new wildlife came close to home.

My husband Rob and a service man were in our side yard checking out stuff that guys like them check out. I was in the house. All of a sudden I heard them hollering and I headed out the door, but didn’t find them right away.

When what should I hear, but they had seen a huge bear lumber across our yard and head to Hwy. A and move as fast as what an approximately 400 pound bear can into the high pines across the road.

Rob was pumped. The service guy had whistled and tried to get the bear to turn around but old “Yogi” was on a mission. Something had spooked him and he was getting out of the Shady Glen area, at least for now.

It was a big deal. In Utah we had a few different kinds of deer and hawks and of course stray cats. You all know how that turned out. I’m Mama to Simon the “Simonese Cat”, as my granddaughter used to call him.

Back in the area I see all kinds of birds of beauty, turkeys, raccoon, deer and their fawns, and now we have a neighborhood bear.

I told my neighbor and she was like “Aha!” She had seen the remnants of a visit to her flower bed that definitely was not left by no dog she had ever seen. One of her bird feeders was a tad bit askew too. That explains that. We have a new resident in the neighborhood. Welcome Yogi.

I had a hummingbird feeder in our front picture window. Now I understand bears like sweet stuff. The very thought of seeing Yogi, all 400 pounds of him, reaching up to tear that sweet treat down right in my window would have put me on the floor. So we moved it farther away. I couldn’t sleep knowing he may be pawing at a mere pane of glass between the outside and my living room.

I have family down on Shady Glen Road that have had bear for the last few years. They had to take their bird feeders down because the bears weren’t too gentle or dainty when trying to get a little lunch. Smashed a few feeders to bits.

It does make me a little nervous but I do know they aren’t mean as a rule and more scared of we humans than we need to be of them, but I am careful when I let my cat have a little outside time. He likes to wander in areas where I think he senses other critters have been. At least Simon doesn’t bark. Now if my little pup Lucy was here, she would bark her foolish little head off because she thought she was so tough. Yogi would notice her. I’d be high-tailing it into the house for sure.

I love seeing the wildlife of Jackson County again. Home. This is where it feels right. Even though I’m not used to bears so much, I will adjust to that. Bluebirds, turkeys and fawns, some moisture in the air, driving slower at night along country roads because of the wildlife, it all feels right.

But Yogi can stay a distance away. I hate to faint or God forbid wet my pants. So embarrassing.

Until next time…


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