Sheila Danielson: McCabe would restore values

Sheila Danielson: McCabe would restore values

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McCabe would restore values

Mike McCabe, as an independent running for governor as a Democrat, has a different kind of leadership and positive vision for our state. He represents Wisconsin values and believes in restoring power to common people in our democracy. Mike McCabe:

  • Runs a people-powered campaign by not accepting “legalized bribes” from people and corporations that expect to be rewarded by political favors. Instead, he relies on small donations from common people and thousands of volunteers to get his message out.
  • Is the former head of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign that exposed both Democrats and Republicans who were corrupted by these “legalized bribes.”
  • Has not forgotten people who live in rural areas of our state. Mike was born and raised on a farm in Clark County and is concerned about industries that put political power and profit over people and the land.
  • Is the first gubernatorial candidate to come to rural western Wisconsin and see the impact of industrial scale sand mining firsthand. Mike will also listen to people impacted by sand mines, and how their destruction has affected the lives of people exposed to these corrupt- industrial nightmares.
  • Wants to clean up our government. Mike wants open and honest government.
  • Will not betray our trust by destroying what we care about — our land, water, air, roads and our communities.
  • Believes in local democracy and empowering citizens to make decisions that affect their lives.

Before extreme Republicans came into power, our communities cared about their neighbors and looked out for each other. Mike represents hope for us to change our corrupt political system. But he can’t do it alone. He needs “we the people” with our Wisconsin values, to take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. Become involved. Go to city council meetings, town or county board meetings, volunteer at your local voting ward, find out who your local politicians are, join campaigns, and donate.

You can meet Mike McCabe and speak with him on July 5 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Revolution Coffee in Black River Falls. Most importantly, get out there and connect with people in your community about the values we share.

Sheila Danielson,

Black River Falls


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