Marklein too late in ‘getting started’

I am disheartened by the misinformation and negativity of the campaign ads supporting Republican candidates.

Many of the ads are placed by PACs supported by ultra-rich donors. They are attempting to buy the votes needed to further enrich themselves at the expense of the middle class.

State Sen. Howard Marklein, R-Spring Green, is supported by the same groups that support Walker and the Foxconn give-away of our tax dollars. Why? Because he has voted and will continue to vote for what they want. Now Kimberly Clark wants a cut of our tax dollars − who’s next?

In one ad Marklein is touting what he has done for us and says “I’m just getting started.” He had been in the state senate for eight years already, collecting a paycheck from us and is now “just getting started?” So, what has he done in this past eight years for us in the 17th state senate district? All I see is some election year scraps thrown at our infrastructure problems that have been steadily worsening because of funding neglect for seven years under his watch.

Negative attacks on his opponent do not change the fact that Howard Marklein has not served his constituents. He needs to be replaced.

Beverly Pestel Richland Center

Fight Kochs, special interests

I have often wondered why two elderly men (the Koch brothers) worth $100 billion would be so deeply invested in politics in states where they cannot vote.

Their super PAC , Americans for Prosperity, has a nice ring to it. Seems like it would benefit all Americans. Wrong. It is a massive slush fund that buys people like our current governor, loads of congressmen and senators.

It even funds campaigns as far down the food chain as school board members. The Koch brothers have goals they have been fostering for decades that do not benefit the majority of us. They want to abolish things like Social Security, the FBI and CIA. As we daily hear President Trump degrade both organizations, we can see that at work.

They do not want public schools or the Postal Service. Seems their investments are paying off nicely. We have a secretary of education and a president with the same goals. They are against any expansion of government health care, like Medicare.

Again, looks like the politicians they bought are perfect for them. Their business, fossil fuels, benefits from the idea that global warming is a hoax.

They are against unions and any organization of labor. They are not about helping Americans, but instead, benefit when we tum one against the other and don’t see that we are being manipulated. We need to amend Citizens United (it is on the fall ballot) and get their millions out of our country’s politics.

Exercise your right on Nov.6. Vote.

Linda Krahn, Black River Falls

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Tomah Journal editor

Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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