The ideal of liberty will be explored during a collaborative dance performance by Liz Sexe Dance and Dancers and Marilyn School of Dance.

The performance, Untitled: For the Sake of Progress, will be held Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Marilyn School of Dance in Tomah.

All proceeds will benefit Brighter Tomorrows, a human service agency that assists victims of domestic violence with a 24-hour crisis hotline, safe housing, crisis intervention and legal and personal advocacy.

Liz Sexe, performance creator and choreographer, said the Declaration of Independence and Preamble were inspirations for the piece. It is supported by the Edna Wiechers Arts in Wisconsin Award through the University of Wisconsin.

“The idea of liberty was the initial proposed idea ... and what was really interesting to me when I was doing my research is that liberty was left ambiguous by the founding fathers,” she said. “They said everyone is guaranteed a liberty but they never actually defined what liberty was in a concrete way, like more of an abstract sensation or feeling.”

The piece looks at people reflecting on their liberties and how they are affected by others’ liberties, Sexe said.

This is shown in the piece by how it was choreographed, Sexe said. She works collaboratively with the dancers, piecing together sections by taking bits and pieces from what the dancers bring into their dance.

Sexe said she appreciates how energetic the dancers are and how they respond to the material.

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“There’s something about seeing a whole bunch of people moving through space and really sweating,” she said. “Essentially it’s just the idea of progress and what does that mean? There’s a whole lot of work, and sometimes there’s a lot of joy in that work or just a lot of fulfillment in that work. That’s my favorite part, being able to sit and feel that energy.”

Dancer Addison Berry said working on the piece has been fun but challenging.

“It’s a different experience for us because we don’t normally do this kind of dance,” she said. “We also have a different teacher. She doesn’t teach here, so seeing how she works, it’s different, and some specific parts in the dance are pretty challenging.”

The performance consists of multiple sections, Sexe said. She is dancing in one section, five of her dancers are dancing another, and then five dancers from Marilyn School of Dance are dancing yet another.

The Tomah area dancers are Berry, Bella Arne, Shelby Hale, Lauren Patterson and Abby Skowronski.

Sexe’s dance company is based in Madison, and Sexe works at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sexe grew up in the Wilton area, where her father was a pastor. She has also worked with Marilyn School of Dance in the past. The school has sent students the the university for pre-college so dancers can see if they want to pursue dance after high school.

Tickets for the performance cost $10 each and can be purchased online at

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