Sportsmen's Range

A shooter participates in a competition Aug. 27, 2016, at Sportsman's Range at Fort McCoy. Privately owned firearms used in competitions at the range must be registered with the Directorate of Emergency Services.

Fort McCoy requires that all privately owned firearms brought on to the installation be registered through the Directorate of Emergency Services Physical Security.

The requirement includes the entirety of the federal land, including the training and housing areas. It pertains to anyone with a privately owned firearm in his or her possession who is on Fort McCoy for any reason, including hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, shooting range events, or visiting members of the Fort McCoy community.

The firearms registration is required by an Army regulation that states, "Personnel who bring a firearm onto the installation to engage in authorized activities will register it."

Firearms are required to be registered with the physical security prior to entrance or immediately upon entering any lands identified as Fort McCoy property. The registration is completed by using a form provided by the DES Physical Security Office. The user who brings a firearm for the purpose of engaging in authorized activities onto the installation is responsible for its registration. In the case of juveniles, a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 is responsible for the firearm registration.

Firearms that are registered with physical security are entered into the Army Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System (ALERTS) weapons-registration module. ALERTS is utilized by and available only to Army law-enforcement professionals.

Formal background checks will not be conducted as part of the firearms-registration process.

Military personnel who fail to comply with the provisions of this new policy are subject to judicial or non-judicial action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or appropriate administrative action. Civilian and non-Department of Defense civilians who fail to comply with the provisions of the policy may be subject to disciplinary and/or administrative action.

Firearms used, possessed, transported, or stored in violation of this policy also may be permanently confiscated by authorized law-enforcement personnel or proper command authority. Disposition of confiscated weapons will be determined through due process following appropriate UCMJ, disciplinary or administrative actions.

Each person who registers firearms will receive a firearm-registration record. Anyone engaged in authorized activities that require possession or transportation of a firearm must have the firearm registration record in their possession, and the record must be presented to law-enforcement personnel upon request.

Once completed, firearm registrations will be valid on Fort McCoy indefinitely unless otherwise changed by regulation. If a registrant no longer has a firearm on the registry, he or she should contact physical security to have the firearm removed from the registry.

Firearm-registration forms are available electronically via the Fort McCoy i-Sportsman website at and in hard copy at the Pine View Campground office, Visitor Control Center office in building 35, the Fort McCoy Police Department in building 1681, the Permit Sales Office in building 2168, and at the hunter sign-in building near the installation rail yard next to Hwy. 21.

Registration forms can be processed during normal business hours within building 35 at the Visitor Control Office or during nonduty hours at the Fort McCoy Police Department. Upon successful registration, a firearms-registration record will be provided to the registrar or can be emailed.

For more information about hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities at Fort McCoy, call the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337 or go online to

For more information about the firearms-registration process, call physical security at 608-388-2266.

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