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Fort McCoy Total Force swimmers compete at Antigo

Fort McCoy Total Force swimmers compete at Antigo


The pool at Fort McCoy is fixed, and that’s not the only good news for the Fort McCoy-based Total Force swim team. Alyssa Alden became the third Total Force swimmer to qualify for the Midwest regional swim tournament after her effort at Antigo Nov. 23.

“It’s been my goal to make Midwest time since I’ve been seven years old. I finally made it,” Alden said. She joins teammates Anthony Lord and Aidan Brach as Midwest qualifiers.

The Total Force coaching staff describes Alden as a dedicated member of the team who has taken her swimming seriously for several years. This year Alden wanted to kick it up a notch by pushing herself with increasing her endurance and working on her swim techniques.

“Amongst many swimmers on our team, Alyssa Alden has the determination to succeed, and it is with great pleasure that we have her on our team,” Total Force coach Julia Koput said.

After two weeks of downtime, the pool at Fort McCoy’s Rumpel Fitness Center has been repaired. That’s welcome news for a team that trained with mostly dryland routines.

“It’s hard to swim practice without a pool,” Koput said. “Dryland, stretching, yoga, running are all beneficial, but you need water to swim practice.”

Koput said the swimmers and coaching staff responded well to adversity.

“Good coaching, good workouts, good environment all make for good sports practice, but … it also takes the team member’s own attitude to make for success,” Koput said. “‘You are what you practice’ is very true. Along with good training, if you try your hardest and have the right mindset, that makes for success.”

Total Force has a new coach this season in Rylee Molter, an experienced swimmer from Iowa City and certified swim coach. Koput said Molter has been a “great asset to our team.” She said Molter is “helping to adapt workouts for swimmers’ goals and tweaking proper technique to swim faster.”

“Rylee’s knowledge, zeal and own personal swim experience is exactly what we needed, and we are so appreciative that she is taking her time and energies (and) sharing her knowledge with the team,” Koput said.

Results from Antigo (age of swimmer in parentheses):

Aidan Brach (15)—50 freestyle, :27.64, (1st place); 100 individual medley, 1:14.72; (1st); 100 freestyle, 1:04.90 (1st); 100 breaststroke 1:22.19 (1st).

Aliza Koput (12)—100 individual medley, 2:13.57; 50 butterfly, :57.48; 100 freestyle, 1:51.44; 50 breaststroke, 1:06.83.

Alyssa Alden (15)—200 freestyle, :2:28.33 (1st); 50 freestyle, :33.46 (2nd); 100 backstroke, 1:24.30 (1st); 200 backstroke, 3:05.12 (1st).

Alyssa Johnson (12)—50 freestyle, :35.24; 100 individual medley, 1:33.47 (5th); 50 butterfly, :41.16 (5th); 100 freestyle, 1:22.20 (4th).

Andrew Lindberg (11)—100 individual medley, 1:49.50 (3rd); 100 freestyle, 1:37.10 (4th); 50 backstroke, :48.13 (2nd), 50 breaststroke, :57.52 (2nd).

Belle Heilman (12)—50 freestyle :44.07; 100 individual medley, 2:09.20; 50 backstroke, :56.13; 50 breaststroke, 1:06.90.

Ben Dubois (9)—100 individual medley, DQ; 100 freestyle, 1:22.48 (1st); 100 breaststroke, 2:24.40 (1st); 200 breaststroke, 4:47.23 (1st).

Bri Johnson (12)—50 freestyle, :47.15; 50 butterfly, 1:09.34; 50 breaststroke, 1:10.99.

Cheyenne Lorden (10)—200 freestyle 4:26.59 (2nd); 50 freestyle, :47.43 (5th), 50 backstroke, :54.76 (4th); 50 breaststroke, DQ.

Delia Lindberg (7)—25 freestyle, :29.65; 25 backstroke, :35.35; 25 breaststroke, DQ.

Lauren Kline (13)—50 freestyle, :36.51 (5th); 100 individual medley, 1:33.41 (4th); 100 backstroke, 1:36.51 (4th).

Mary Rose (10)—100 individual medley, 2:04.98 (2nd); 100 freestyle, 1:55.35 (5th); 50 breaststroke, 1:01.15 (4th); 100 breaststroke, 2:12.14.

Micah Ray (11)—50 freestyle, :50.90; 50 butterfly, 1:23.08 (3rd).

Thomas Heilman Jr. (11)—50 freestyle, :51.87; 100 individual medley, DQ; 100 freestyle, 1:13.4 (2nd): 50 backstroke :55.78, (4th).

William Jacobsen (9)—50 freestyle, :42.93 (1st); 100 individual medley, 2:01.01 (1st); 50 backstroke, :54.60 (3rd); 50 breaststroke, 1:04.28.

Boys 200 medley relay—Thomas Heilman Jr. (11), William Jacobsen (9), Andrew Lindberg (11), Micah Ray (11), 3:43.40 (1st).

Girls 200 medley relay -Belle Heilman (12), Mary Rose (10), Alyssa Johnson (12), Aliza Koput (12), 3:38.94 (4th).

Girls 200 medley relay—Cheyenne Lorden (10), Lauren Kline (13), Alyssa Alden (15), Delia Lindberg (7), 3:29.42.


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