A 61-year-old Norwalk man was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for mistreating an animal after allegedly shooting a cow in the head Nov. 18.

Police were called to a Kelton Road residence in the town of Ridgeville after a deer hunter reported the wounded cow shortly before 4:30 p.m. The cow was located 4 ½ hours later and euthanized. The owner said the cow had recently given birth and that her calf was missing.

Police obtained permission from neighboring landowner Ricky L. Azarian to search for the calf and then interviewed him as a suspect. Azarian originally denied shooting the cow but later admitting to shooting the cow with a 30-06 rifle, according to the report. He said he shot at the cow because it charged at him. He also said cows from a neighboring farm repeatedly came onto his property and damaged his food plots.

The report says the cow wandered with its lower jaw hanging from its head for 14 hours before it was euthanized. Police also determined that Arazian shot the cow from an elevated position, which didn’t match Arazian’s description of how the weapon was discharged.

The calf, estimated to be 1-3 days old, was found the next morning and returned to the farm.

In other Monroe County Sheriff’s Office news:

Nicole K. True, 44, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for making unauthorized withdrawals from another person’s checking account. According to the report, police confirmed $685.48 in fraudulent debit card and electronic check purchases made by True.

Eduardo Isaias Salinas, 28, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for obstructing an officer. He is accused of misidentifying himself when police approached him as he was walking in a town of Sparta neighborhood shortly after 9 p.m. Dec. 2. Salinas had an active Department of Corrections warrant and was transported to the Monroe County jail.

Roger Schaitel, 34, Norwalk, was referred to the district attorney for physical abuse of a child.

Police were called to Brookwood School after a girl came to school with a bruise on her cheek. She said Schaitel struck her after becoming upset over a discipline issue.

Police interviewed Schaitel at his place of employment. When police asked Schaitel if he had “gone too far” in his attempt to discipline the girl, he reportedly hung his head and nodded yes.

Jonathan D. Wilson, 29, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for possession of stolen property. Police identified dozens of stolen items at his town of Little Falls residence, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, weed trimmers, circular saws, clothing, tool boxes and air compressors.

Police were led to Wilson’s property by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, which was investigating the theft of a trailer Nov. 7. Police found the trailer at a town of Millston residence, where a chainsaw stolen in Monroe County was also found. An acquaintance of both Wilson and the suspect in the Jackson County case told police that a considerable amount of stolen property was kept at Wilson’s Abbotsford Road address.

Brandyn Scott Cardon, 20, Warrens, was referred to the district for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a Nov. 24 traffic stop in the town of Byron.

Police pulled over a car driven by Cardon for a defective headlamp. During the stop, police identified green flaky material that appeared to be marijuana. Police searched the trunk and allegedly found a sandwich bag containing marijuana and a corn cob pipe with burned marijuana residue.

Peter A. Kyser, 51, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct.

Police were called to a disturbance in the town of Little Falls. A witness said Kyser and a woman were involved in a verbal altercation and that a loud thud could be heard from their room. The woman said the thud was caused by Kyser pushing her into the wall.

A 17-year-old Sparta boy was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. He is accused of violating a bond condition that prohibits him from consuming alcohol.

Scott B. Kogutkiewicz, 56, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. He is accused of violating a bond condition that prohibits him from operating a motor vehicle unless properly licensed.

Aaron K. Dunigan, 32, Melrose, was referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct. He is accused of throwing furniture and pumpkins off a deck in a town of Little Falls residence Nov. 13.

Storm Michael Gunn, 18, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a Nov. 19 traffic stop in the town of Angelo.

Police pulled over a vehicle on Hwy. 16 for a defective registration lamp. The driver, Gunn and another passenger exited the vehicle, and the driver told police, “You guys can search if you want.” Gunn led police to a black gym bag, which allegedly contained a digital scale with green residue, rolling papers and a tin box that smelled of marijuana. A search of Gunn’s person allegedly found a plastic sandwich bag containing marijuana. The report said he admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the evening.

Gary Edwin Wolfgram, 63, Kendall, was referred to the district attorney for resisting an officer after a Nov. 19 incident in the village of Cashton.

Police were called to a report of an extremely intoxicated man, identified as Wolfgram, bleeding from the face and head. Wolfgram reportedly gave police a false identity, but police recognized him from previous contacts.

Wolfgram allegedly pulled away from police after an initial attempt to detain him. The report says he resisted apprehension attempts, screamed, moaned and asked police, “Why are you trying to hurt me? Don’t touch me.”

The report says Wolfram continued to yell and resist all the way through the booking process.

Andrew J. Rasmussen, 21, and Christian R. Laack, 20, both of Tomah, were referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct after a Nov. 15 incident in the town of Oakdale.

According to the report, the two got “nose to nose” and before Rasmussen pushed Laack, who pushed back. Rasmussen grabbed Laack by the neck and shoved him into a wall. The report says there was a hole in the drywall.

William M. Nelson, 25, and Eli Brush, 27, Tomah, were both referred to the district attorney for a Nov. 6 incident in the Monroe County jail.

Jail staff responded to an altercation in which Nelson and Brush were both rolling on the floor. The report said the fight left Brush with a bloody lip. Both were referred for battery by an inmate, and Nelson was referred for strangulation.


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