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SHERIFF'S REPORT: La Crosse man referred for drug, fleeing charges

SHERIFF'S REPORT: La Crosse man referred for drug, fleeing charges


A 24-year-old La Crosse man was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for multiple charges after a May 30 traffic stop on Interstate 90 near Sparta.

Dominick D. Henderson was referred for possession of a Schedule IV drug with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of an illegally obtained prescription, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy was pulling onto Interstate 90 shortly after 11:30 p.m., when he detected two vehicles speeding at 87 and 85 mph. The faster of the two vehicles pulled in front of the slower one and suddenly decelerated to 62 mph. The deputy activated the squad car’s emergency lights, and both vehicles pulled over.

One of the drivers was Henderson, who told police he was texting the driver of the other vehicle, Deante J. Harris, 25, La Crosse. Henderson told police he had “a little weed” and offered to “just take the ticket and go.” He complied with a police command to exit the vehicle, and police found nothing on his person. The report says police found three or four grams of marijuana in a milkshake container and marijuana flakes scattered throughout the vehicle.

The report says Henderson was cooperative until police asked to search the trunk. He insisted nothing was in there and told police that Harris had the trunk keys. As police were searching the trunk, Henderson took off running across the Interstate, jumped a fence and ran into the woods. Police were unable to immediately locate him. He was later apprehended by police in La Crosse County on separate charges.

Police continued the search of Henderson’s vehicle and allegedly found two bags of marijuana and several bags containing five pills each of Alprazolam, a narcotic that requires a prescription. The report says Alprazolam was packaged in a manner designed for sale and delivery.

Harris gave consent for the police to search his vehicle. Before the search began, Harris told police there was a handgun in the glove box, and police recovered a Glock 48 with a fully loaded magazine. The report says Harris didn’t have a concealed carry permit, and he was referred for carrying a concealed weapon.

In other Monroe County Sheriff’s Office news:

Gale Louise Cochems, 66, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for battery. She is accused of biting a man during a June 3 altercation at a Hwy. N residence in the town of Byron.

Steven J. Flowers, 36, Warrens, was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. He is accused of violating a no-contact order by calling the victim and showing up at her residence in the village of Warrens.

John Perry Price, 41, Valparaiso, Indiana, was referred to the district attorney for failure to report to jail. He is accused of failing to report June 5 to serve a 10-day sentence for second-offense drunk driving.

David Romeo Ortiz, 30, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for failure to report to jail. He is accused of failing to report as scheduled June 5.

Joshua Wayne Allison, 30, and Lori Jayne Wilson, 57, both of Tomah, were referred to the district attorney after a June 8 altercation in the town of the LaGrange.

Wilson called police shortly before 3 p.m. and said Allison had gotten physical with her. She said a yelling and swearing Allison punched the drywall inside the residence and removed food from a freezer and tossed it on the floor. She also said Allison pushed her and that the force of his body weight caused her pain.

Allison told police that Wilson followed him around the house, yelled at him and slapped him in the face.

Wilson was referred for battery and disorderly conduct. Allison was referred for criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

Joshua James Perrigo, 27, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for battery, disordely conduct and bail jumping after a June 11 altercation at a town of LaGrange residence.

Police were called to a Hwy. M address, where a woman said Perrigo was following her around the residence yelling and cursing at her. She told police the yelling stopped only after she dialed 911.

The woman said she didn’t feel safe with Perrigo in the house. She told police about a May 27 incident in which he pinned her against the floor, put his knees atop her shoulder blades, hit her, forced his chin hard into her chest and pulled her hair.

Perrigo told police that he and the woman argued two weeks ago but denied assaulting her.

Alexander Charles Strege, 26, Beloit, and Dylan P. Wermuth, 24, Lake Delton, were referred to the district attorney for multiple charges after police ran a check on a vehicle parked on Funnel Road near the entrance to Mill Bluff State Park June 12.

The license plate matched a vehicle reported stolen in Beloit but didn’t correspond with the make and model of the vehicle observed by police. An officer approached the vehicle and identified the driver as Strege and Wermuth as one of the passengers. When Strege was asked where he got the license plates, he pointed to Wermuth and said, “He got them for me.” Wermuth immediately contradicted Strege, and police determined neither wanted to reveal how the license plates were obtained. A search of the vehicle allegedly found 12 grams of marijuana and a glass smoking device.

Strege and Wermuth were both referred for receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stephen D. Becker Jr., 26, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney after a five-minute high-speed chase June 14 in the town of Sparta.

Police received a call shortly before 1 p.m. about a northbound driver on Hwy. B operating a “crotch rocket” while texting with no hands on the handle bars. A short time later, police gained visual contact with the vehicle operated by Becker. The report says radar detected the motorcycle reaching a speed of 114 mph.

Police began to pursue the vehicle, and the report says several vehicles pulled onto the shoulder as Becker passed them on Deerlick Avenue. The pursuit continued onto Hwy. Q, where Becker reached a speed of 120 mph and passed several vehicles in a no-passing zone. Becker then turned onto Cannon Road and east onto Hwy. I without stopping at the stop sign.

The six-mile chase ended when Becker came to a stop near the intersection of Catbird Road and obeyed a police command to put his hands up, get on his knees and cross his ankles.

Becker was referred for eluding an officer and obstructing an officer. He was issued citations for speeding, passing in a no-passing zone and failure to stop at stop sign.

Chad Justin Stai, 32, Ontario, was referred to the district attorney for theft, disorderly conduct, causing injury while resisting an officer, and trespass after police were called to a town of Sheldon residence June 12.

Police responded to a report that Stai was at Hwy. 33 residence and was refusing to leave. Police learned that Stai had recently entered several properties and vehicles in the area without permission.

The report says Stai was exhibiting erratic behavior consistent with methamphetamine use. He told police he was doing nothing wrong and was just out for a walk. He gave police no other information than his first and last name.

When police attempted to place Stai under arrest, he walked away. An officer grabbed Stai’s arm, but he broke away by pulling off his sweatshirt. He ran for about five seconds before tripping and falling. The officer wrestled Stai onto his stomach, kept him on the ground and didn’t attempt to handcuff him until other officers arrived. The arresting officer reported numerous abrasions on his hands and arms as a result of the apprehension.

The property owner later told police a cell phone and ratchet strap were missing from his vehicle.

Stai was transported to Sparta Mayo Health Clinic before being taken to the Monroe County Jail.

Ashley A. Chapek, 24, Clintonville, and Justin R. Krysheski, 37, Shawano, were referred to the district attorney for drug charges after a June 13 traffic stop.

Chapek and Krysheski were passengers in a vehicle that exited Interstate 90 and signaled left before turning right onto Hwy PP. Police followed the vehicle to the Road Ranger gas station. The vehicle then left the Road Ranger and failed to stop at a stop sign while turning left before pulling into the Love’s Travel Stop, where police made contact with the vehicle’s occupants. The report says the occupants were nervous and gave a confusing and conflicting travel story.

Police received consent from the driver to search the vehicle. When Krysheski exited the vehicle, police observed a gem bag that allegedly contained a trace of heroin. The report says Krysheski acknowledged the bag belonged to him and that he had used heroin earlier in the day. Police also found a methamphetamine pipe and a pair of brass knuckles that was believed to have belonged to Chapek.

Krysheski was referred for possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Chapek was referred for carrying a concealed weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia and bail jumping.

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