Jesse G. Keyser

Jesse G. Keyser

Police responded three times in four days to a Warrens residence, where a man is accused of assaulting a woman multiple times.

Jesse G. Keyser, 38, Warrens, was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for offenses stemming from three separate arrest reports.

The first occurred Aug. 26 after a caller told police that Keyser had assaulted and injured a woman at an Overlook Court residence. Police were warned there were weapons inside the residence.

When police arrived, Keyser and a woman inside could be heard yelling at each other. Police entered the residence, and both complied with an order to stop talking. Keyser acknowledged the two had argued but denied the dispute became physical.

The woman told police she wasn’t injured during the fight but said Keyser had been assaulting her on an almost daily basis recently. She described one incident when Keyser wrapped a towel around her neck and sustained pressure for approximately 45 seconds. She said a deep laceration on her head was from an assault the day before. She pointed to other places on her arms, legs, torso, back, hands and feet that were bruised or cut by Keyser.

The incident led to referrals for substantial battery, disorderly conduct, strangulation/suffocation and bail jumping.

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Police returned to the residence Aug. 30 shortly after 5 a.m. after a witness said Keyser was again hitting the woman. The witness said Keyser had been harassing the woman and others in the residence during the previous two days. The woman told police that Keyser threatened her life, and she was convinced that Keyser wouldn’t leave her alone until he went to jail. The report says the person who posted Keyser’s bail for the Aug. 26 incident was at the scene and expressed regret for his role in Keyser’s release.

Keyser had left the scene by the time police arrived. He was referred for disorderly conduct and bail jumping.

Four hours later on Aug. 30, police were again called to the residence after a caller said Keyser was threatening to kill the woman. Police entered the residence and encountered Keyser with a metal screwdriver in his hand that he was brandishing as a weapon. The report says Keyser punctured a bathroom door with the screwdriver.

The woman told police that Keyser climbed through a second story balcony to get inside the house and refused multiple requests to leave. She said Keyser struck her in the head before she was able to get inside a bathroom and lock the door. The report said the woman had fresh bruises on her right arm and wrist. She said she used her arm to shield herself from Keyser’s punches.

The third incident resulted in referrals for disorderly conduct, battery, battery to a witness, false imprisonment, intimidating a witness, criminal damage to property and bail jumping.

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