Wes Revels easily swept to victory in the Monroe County sheriff’s race Tuesday.

Revels, a Republican, defeated Democrat Jeffrey Schwanz by a vote of 10,514 to 5,985.

Revels said Wednesday he appreciates the opportunity the voters gave him.

“It feels very good (to win), and certainly I’m very much grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the people of Monroe County in the policing profession,” he said. “I will work hard to fulfill my obligations to the duty of the sheriff’s position.”

Revels won 34 of the 36 towns, villages and cities in the county. Schwanz won only the villages of Wilton and Kendall.

In the city of Tomah, Revels won by a 1,884-1,247 margin.

Revels will succeed Republican Scott Perkins, who declined to seek a second term after winning in 2014. His first day in office will be Jan. 7, 2019.

Revels believes the transition between sheriffs will be smooth.

“I’ve already had a conversation with (Scott) Perkins, and we’re going to get together next week and begin planning that transition,” he said. “I think it’s going to be him allowing me that opportunity to discover the certain things going on right now (in the county) and making that transition as smooth as possible. I think it will go rather well.”

Over the next few months Revels plans to review documents and to tour the sheriff’s office and the jail to see what’s going on and how things are run.

His priorities have not changed since being elected, Revels said. The first is safety of county citizens.

“I want to do the best job we can for county law enforcement and offering the best service in a professional manner and making Monroe County as safe as possible by working with the other county law enforcement agencies and the sheriff’s office. I think that’s priority one.

Revels’ second priority is secured school buildings. He said it should be a day-to-day focus, not just when an incident occurs, Revels said. He plans to have the sheriff’s office work with school administration to make schools as safe as possible.

Another priority of Revels is to educate and create awareness in the sheriff’s office and throughout the county of human trafficking.

“I want to make certain we as a county sheriff’s office are ready to work on those incidents,” Revels said.

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