Panfish have been busy this past week.

Don Roscovius, owner of Rosco’s Live Bait, said it was an active week for panfish anglers.

“Lots of bluegills, lots of perch have been caught,” he said. “Crappies were a little slower than bluegills, but plenty of them are still being caught.”

Fishermen have had success on all local water bodies, Roscovius said. No matter where fishermen have gone, they’ve caught fish.

For bait, red worms have been working best for bluegills, but some fishermen are using and have been successful with waxies.

The bass bite is also doing well. Roscovius described the action as “awesome.”

“Guys have been catching all kinds of them everywhere in our local area, and guys are catching them on just about everything,” he said. “Plastic worms and crayfish have been working really well. Top water is a little slower this week, but crayfish baits and spinner baits have been working. If you’re going out to catch a bass, you should be able to with one of those.”

In Hatfield, Griffin Abbott of Hatfield Sports Shop, said the smallmouth bass bite has picked up on the Black River.

“(Bass) usually tend to pick up now that we’re coming into fall,” he said.

Walleyes and crappies are also biting in the Hatfield area, Abbott said. They’re being caught with minnows, leeches, walleye fathead minnows, walleye suckers and northern suckers.

Walleyes are also biting at Petenwell and Castle Rock flowages, Roscovius reported.

“At both of those, walleyes still have a decent bite. It has slowed down a little, but guys are still catching keeper walleyes and a few crappies in those locations,” he said. “Guys are using minnow jigs with a minnow and a few guys are trolling.”

Roscovius said he has had little news on trout, but that isn’t unusual for late summer.

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“This time of year the grass is so high that people can’t get to the streams they want to fish, so (news) starts slowing down,” he said.

In hunting news, bonus doe tags for the forest zones will go on sale on Thursday, Roscovius reported. All of the Juneau County tags are sold as are the Monroe County public tags. He recommends that hunters who hunt outside of the area call or go online to check if bonus doe tags are still available for the locations they hunt in.

The early Canada goose season, early teal season and mourning dove season begin on Sept. 1.

The bear season for zone C where dogs are not permitted begins on Sept. 4 and runs through Oct. 8. Bear season for all other zones where dogs are permitted, with the aid of dogs only begins, on Sept. 1 and runs through Sept. 10; with the aid of dogs, bait and all other legal methods begins on Sept. 11 and runs through Oct. 1. Hunting with the aid of bait and all other legal methods not using dogs begins on Oct. 2 and runs through Oct. 8.

The archery and crossbow deer season, fall turkey season for zones 1-5 begin on Sept. 14 and will run until Jan. 5, 2020. The fall turkey season for zones 6 and 7 also begins on Sept. 14 and ends on Nov. 22.

Other hunting seasons that begin on Sept. 14 include: ruffed grouse for zone A, crow, cottontail rabbit for the northern zone, gray and fox squirrel and youth duck.

The regular goose season begins on Sept. 16 for the northern zone and zones and Sept. 28 in the Mississippi zone. The northern zone season ends Dec. 16, and the southern zone ends Oct. 6; the Mississippi zone ends Oct. 4.

The southern zone picks up again Oct. 12 and runs through Dec. 1 before returning on Dec. 16 and running through Jan. 4, 2020. The Mississippi zone picks back up Oct. 12 and also ends Jan. 4, 2020.

The woodcock season begins on Sept. 21 and runs through Nov. 4.

The duck season for the northern zone, southern zone and Mississippi zone begins Sept. 28. The northern zone season ends Nov. 26, the southern zone ends Oct. 6, and the Mississippi zone ends Oct. 4. The second half of the duck season begins on Oct. 12 in the southern and Mississippi zones and ends on Dec. 1 in the southern zone and Dec. 3 in the Mississippi zone.

The pheasant, bobwhite quail and ruffed grouse zone B seasons all begin on Oct. 19. Pheasant season ends on Jan. 5, 2020, bobwhite quail season ends Dec. 11 and the ruffed grouse season ends Jan. 5, 2020.

The Hungarian partridge season also begins Oct. 19 and runs through Jan. 5, 2020. It is closed in Clark, Marathon and Taylor counties.

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