Tomah Torpedoes swim team swam their its swim meet of the season in La Crescent, Minnesota, June 22.

“We were hoping for a change in the weather forecast and, sure enough, the weather decided to open up bright, sunny skies with wonderful temperatures for us to swim,” said coach Julia Koput.

Tomah Torpedoes swim team 2019 swim season began the second week of June with practices at Tomah Aquatic Center. Although inclement weather forced the cancellation of some practices, Koput said the team’s swimmers took to the water with great efforts.

“It is extremely gratifying to see swimmers continue to develop their swimming abilities each year they swim,” she said. “We celebrate their accomplishments with great excitement.”

Tomah Torpedoes program lasts 12 weeks, ending at their home meet in Tomah Saturday, Aug. 3. This year there are 48 registered swimmers competing.

“Along with Joe Protz and Tomah Parks and Recreation Department, I would like to take this opportunity to thank coach Cathy Coffey for her years of dedicated efforts to facilitate this program to what it has become,” Koput said. “Each year it has gotten better, and it is due to the support of coach Coffey and Joe Protz ... working close together to have this wonderful opportunity for children between ages seven to 17 to participate in.”

Tomah Torpedoes will continue to practice Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30-8 p.m. and Friday mornings from 9:30-10:45 a.m. to get ready for their next swim meets in West Salem on Saturday, July 20 and Sparta on Saturday, July 27.

Results from La Crescent:

Aidan Branch—50 freestyle, :40.69; 50 butterfly, second place, :50.68.

Alaina Koput—50 breaststroke, :56.59; open 100 breaststroke, second, 2:08.66.

Aliza Koput—50 freestyle, fourth, :46.0; 50 butterfly, 1:00.97.

Allison Weaver—50 freestyle, :45.28,; 100 individual medley, third, 2:02.87.

Alyssa Johnson—50 freestyle, first, :35.94; 50 butterfly, first :43.66.

Annabelle Haun—50 freestyle, 1:25.97; 50 backstroke, 1:34.71.

Brianna Johnson -50 breaststroke, 1:18.38; 50 butterfly, fifth, 1:16.22.

Carl Oskar-Wilcox—50 freestyle, second, :31.50; 100 freestyle, fourth, 1:12.88.

Collin Branch—50 freestyle, :47.09; 100 butterfly, first, 2:07.09.

Dawson Sherwood- 100 freestyle, second, 1:08.35; 100 individual medley, first, 1:25.09.

Eric Wilcox-Borg—100 freestyle, fifth, 1:13.50; 200 individual medley, second, 3:19.35.

Hannah Wilcox-Borg—100 freestyle, first, 1:07.29; 100 backstroke, first, 1:18.34.

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Katie Andrus – 50 freestyle, :50.57; 50 backstroke, third, 1:19.94.

Lauren Kline—50 freestyle, :37.28; 50 butterfly, second, :42.69.

Lucy Gross – 50 freestyle, fifth :41.56; 50 breaststroke, sixth, 1:03.25.

Maddy Kline -100 freestyle, sixth, 1:25.17; 1200 individual medley, first, 3:38.17.

Madonna Schroeder—50 freestyle, :47.28.

Mary Rose – 50 freestyle, 49.13; 50 breaststroke, third, 1:02.50.

Nevin Hawver—50 freestyle, :44.66; 50 breaststroke, fourth, 1:00.63.

Nora Cram—25 freestyle, sixth, :33.78, 25 breaststroke, fourth, :57.0.

Samantha Weaver—50 backstroke, 1:20.53; 50 breaststroke, 1:47.0.

Silas Cram—50 freestyle, sixth, 1:02.69; 50 backstroke, first, 1:06.94.

Tanner Gross—50 freestyle, first, :47.44; 100 breaststroke, fifth, 1:18.13.

Medley relay—Samantha Weaver, Mary Rose, Nevin Hawver, Nora Cram, fifth, 4:42.97.

Medley relay—Madonna Schroeder, Brianna Johnson, Alyssa Johnson, Annabelle Haun, 4:15.54.

Medley relay—Silas Cram, Tanner Gross, Collin Branch, Tanner Gross, first, 4:06.25.

Medley relay—Lucy Gross, Alaina Koput, Aliza Koput, Katie Andrus, third, 3:30.90.

Medley relay—Maddy Kline, Hannah Wilcox-Borg, Lauren Kline, Allison Weaver, second, 2:52.66.

Medley relay -Dawson Sherwood, Aidan Branch, Carl-Oskar Wilcox-Borg, Eric Wilcox-Borg, first, 2:35.12.

Freestyle, relay—Brianna Johnson, Samantha Weaver, Lucy Gross, Alyssa Johnson, fifth, 3:41.28.

Freestyle relay—Allison Weaver, Katie Andrus, Aliza Koput, Alaina Koput, fourth, 3:16.43.

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