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Get Lost! In Vernon County: Old Settler’s Overlook
Get Lost! In Vernon County

Get Lost! In Vernon County: Old Settler’s Overlook

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Get Lost! In Vernon County: Old Settler's Overlook

Vernon S. Quatch takes in the view of the Mississippi River from Old Settler's Overlook, just down river from Stoddard and up river from Genoa, off Spring Coulee Road.

Well, well, well, fancy seeing you waaaay up here. I see you – but can you see me? That’s the million dollar question…speaking of, have we talked money before? I’ve never really understood the whole money thing. I mean, what would a Sasquatch like me do with a million dollars? Go buy some lottery tickets?! Yeah, I might be blessed with good looks, but good luck? Nope, not me. Momma Quatch always said “spend time, not money” so, that’s what I do. Today I climbed a steep bluff along the Mississippi looking for honey suckle – and when I got to the top, I was on Old Settler’s Overlook. It’s one of those spots that can be easily “overlooked”—but I tell you what, it’s a good time-spending spot.

Old Settler’s Overlook is just down river from Stoddard and up river from Genoa, off Spring Coulee Road. I see humans come up here to have picnics and play. I also see them walking on the hiking trails around here. Talk about a Vernon View! Old Settler’s is pretty spectacular. When you are up here, you can watch bald eagles soar in the sky right at eye level. Maybe that’s why they call it eagle eye. I guess you are now going to ask why it’s called Old Settlers Overlook…well, I really can’t tell you that for sure, but I can tell you at night I like to settle right in on some soft grass, sit back and watch the stars. On clear nights you can see every last one of them.

Did you know they used to move big, huge rocks from the top of this bluff? I’m not kidding you. Back in the day, they would chunk out big rocks from on top the bluff in the winter, use ropes and logs and get them to slide down the hill on the snow to the Mississippi River, then they would scoot the rocks onto the ice, they’d line up the rocks from the shoreline towards the center of the river channel and Voilà! Wing dams were built! Who would of thought? I heard the rocks from Old Settlers Overlook built many of the wing dams along the upper Mississippi. They used to build wing dams to reduce the amount of dredging required to maintain the navigation channel. Although locks and dams serve that purpose today, I’m still a big fan of moving rocks the old-fashioned way. I do it any time I get the chance.

Well, here I am and I still don’t have any money, but I feel like I’ve spent my time well at Old Settlers Overlook. Momma Quatch would be proud.

Christina Dollhausen, Vernon County’s economic development coordinator, will be sharing with Vernon County View readers the adventures of Vernon S. Quatch.


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