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Get Lost! In Vernon County

Get Lost! In Vernon County: Sunsets

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Get Lost! In Vernon County: Sunsets

Vernon S. Quatch plays the sunset sitting game on the ridge top looking west over Sidie Hollow.

Hi. Vern here. So, am I the only one noticing that there’s something about the darkness this time of year that makes the lightness just a bit brighter? It reminds me to check out all my favorite sunset sitting spots. Ever play the sunset sitting game? Here’s the rules. After you have finished all the things you do or don’t do during the day, you go find a good Vernon County ridge top and while the sun sets, you sit and watch. It’s a low-impact activity, but highly enjoyable. Vernon County has some real good spots to play, too.

This week I decided to play the game on the ridge top looking west over Sidie Hollow. To get there you come out of your hiding place at Hubbard Hills, head west from Viroqua onto County Road XX and just open your eyes. See how easy that was? The sunset sitting game also gives you a moment just to think, too. It got me thinking that every sunset I see in Vernon County are just a bit different. Do you know why? Let me try to explain it. Do you know how not all Sasquatches are the same? Don’t believe me? Some days it’s hard to believe myself too, I get it. OK, let me try another way at explaining … Stay with me humans! So, have a look at the sun. Don’t look directly at it! Are you nuts? Jeepers guys. OK, so when you glance at the sun, what color do you see? Yellow, right? Well, what if told you that sunlight contains ALL the colors of the rainbow? I’m not trying to get all school-y on you being we’re on Thanksgiving break, but this is interesting stuff and if you have read this far it means you are committed so I’m committed to telling you. Anyways, sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow. But not all the colors reach the ground in the same concentration. Nitrogen and oxygen molecules in our atmosphere act as little mirrors for blue and violet light, in particular. That means not as much blue or violet light reaches the ground. Instead, it bounces around in our atmosphere, creating the blue dome of sky we’re all so familiar with. At sunset, light has to travel through a greater distance of atmosphere to reach our eyes — so even more blue, and some green and yellow light, gets filtered out. That leaves us with the warmer hues of the visible light, the reds and oranges, and it’s why many sunsets look like fire! Isn’t that cool to think that all the colors are already there and they come out depending on what path they take?

Maybe this Thanksgiving after gathering around eating with the other humans, if you are looking for a low-impact, high quality thing to do, I highly recommend the Vernon County sunset sitting game. You’ll be thankful you did.

Christina Dollhausen, Vernon County’s economic development coordinator, will be sharing with Vernon County View readers the adventures of Vernon S. Quatch.


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