Grouse Hollow Journal: Taking time to watch movies, TV shows
Grouse Hollow Journal

Grouse Hollow Journal: Taking time to watch movies, TV shows

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Greg Koelker


‘I hear the ticking of the clock. I’m lying here the room’s pitch dark I wonder where you are tonight.” The opening lyrics to Green Day’s “Alone” seem appropriate to our times. I realized just what the song writer’s muse was. March Madness, or rather no March Madness. El and I were, like so many people, looking forward to the WIAA Basketball State Tournament, the Big 10 tourney, and the NCAA March Madness

We watched four high school girls games last week and then it was just over, gone, finished, concluded, ended, rounded off and out, terminated, wound up, end of the road, end of the line, curtains, denouement, any last words? See ya. Tha—that—that’s all folks! Obladi. Yeah, I know Thesaurus Gone Wild! But hey, I got the time.

We have been binge watching “MASH,” “House,” “That 70’s Show,” “Tommy,” “Magnum P.I.,” and movies amuck. The other day, someone said that the nation’s internet system is solid. I sure hope so, as we get all of our TV online.

We have plans to clean up the yard, clean gutters, clean up several hundred dog piles, put tools away and clear the bench in the shop, and clean the cars’ interior. Now if I can find the ambition to follow through.

With time comes culinary artistry, sort of. Ellen and I made some Cockpot corned beef and cabbage on Saturday. We got around 2 pounds of already prepared thick sliced corn beef, a few medium carrots, two parsnips, frozen pearl onions, a couple peppercorns, a bay leaf, a can of beer, two cups of water, and one small head of cabbage. Take as much fat out of the corned beef, and then put it in the crock pot, clean up and cut up the carrots and parsnips, and measure out a cup or so of the frozen pearl onions and add them all to the pot. Add the liquids and spices and turn that baby up to high — for four hours. Hold the cabbage until then and cut it into wedges and add to the pot. Keep it on high for another hour or so. Serve it all with some brown mustard and green beer. It don’t get no better.

I have a correction to make, The Wisconsin Conservation Congress annual fish and game hearings are April 13, not as the typo I published last week. We hope, anyway. Duh. I understand there have been cancellations. I guess, check ahead before traveling.

Until next time, get out — now might be a good time to start reading or maybe writing that book you’ve always thought about. I suggest that anyone, but especially some of my chronologically challenged friends, could write a memoir. Write it for the fun of the memories and for your children and grandchildren. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — heck, they still publish my journal. Big events, dates, memories, sadnesses, hopes and dreams, pets, hunts and fishing trips, cars, homes, military service, prices of things, etc. I guarantee remembering those back-in-the-day events will make you smile. Enjoy.


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