Name: Jason Rood.

What were your reasons for joining the Viroqua Fire Department?: Like most little boys, my desire to ride in one of those bright red trucks started at an early age. Fast forward to being a young man, who served in the Army. here my sense of duty was instilled. In addition, I was part of something greater: A brotherhood. I had been missing these things in my life, and I knew the fire department was similar in these areas. And what better way to get these back, all while serving in the community I was born and raised.

How long have you been a firefighter?: Two-and-a-half years.

What is your occupation?: Fiber optic cable splicer for Coon Valley Telephone.

Does your employer allow you to leave work for calls? How do they feel about you belonging to the fire department?: Unfortunately I work out of town, so I miss any calls during business hours.

Have you gained any experience or knowledge from being on the department that has helped you in your job and personal life?: Being in a technical profession, and working for a small company, you get involved in every aspect of the business, much like the fire department. From the use of hand tools, to power tools, and ultimately to the big pumps and ladders. They each lend themselves nicely to each other.

Is there a particular call or incident that stands out the most in your mind? Why?: The very first call I was on stands out. On this call the versatility of what a fire department does shone through. A car accident, which called for extrication, traffic control, and finally led to helping MedLink land in a cornfield. We do more than put out fires.

What keeps you on the department?: First and foremost the camaraderie. The friendships you create and the laughs we share. These are all important when at any given time you may have to rely on the person beside you. Also the sense of pride that comes with civic duty. Being part of the community. Knowing that you will be helping your friends and neighbors, at possibly their worst moment, being that friendly reassuring face they can count on.

Editor’s note: “Meet a Viroqua Firefighter” will be a feature published occasionally in the Vernon County Broadcaster.


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