The Vernon County Censor

Aug. 7, 1918

100 years ago

Primary election falls on September 3.

Commence to think about the fair. Third week in September.

John W. Thayer was home from the northern timber camps. He reports crops and general conditions good in the north.

A bright new city flag gloats over Main street, hanging midway between the Williams block and the First National Bank. Thank you, Mr. City Council.

Mrs. Wm. O’Leary of Franklin, mother of Mrs. Garin, has five grandsons in the service, and all are in France. Mrs. Garin has two sons and eight cousins serving Uncle Sam.

Chester Brye, who has been buttermaker at the Enterprise creamery for the past year, has quit the job. His plans for the future are not known. The director of the creamery hired Cecil Allen to take his place. Cecil is familiar with the place, having spent some seven years there.—Cashton Record.

This Wednesday evening a heavy rain fell, covering all surrounding country, accompanied by a wind that brought damage to growing crops, blew down a few tobacco sheds and other farm buildings. Possibly in some places there may have been hail but not hereabouts.

The Pickle Growers’ Association needs pickers. They pay 25 cents per bushel of 50 pounds. Apply at pickle farm on Hall-Carmichael land adjoining city limits at the southeast. Go provided with basket or pail and one large sack and your noon lunch.

Viroqua pickle farm needs to gather 500 bushels of cucumbers each day to keep up with growth. Make money for yourself by helping save the big crop.

The Vernon County Censor

Aug. 5, 1943

75 years ago

Without having accurate data on hand as to the exact acreage of tobacco in this county, we believe we are safe in the assumption that it will approximate that of 1942 or any of the preceding five years. This year, however, farmers are facing a problem they have not had to confront for the past decade—an acute labor shortage that may result in the loss of an appreciable portion of this year’s crop. Tobacco is Vernon County’s most important cash crop, running annually into several hundred thousands of dollars.

Most of our readers of Norsk extraction probably breathed a sigh of satisfaction at the information that coffee rationing has been relaxed.

It is said that lightening never strikes twice in the same place, but a small cyclone struck twice in a certain spot in Vernon County within a period of five weeks, bringing destruction both times to the farm of Melvin Rusk, of Monument Rock vicinity.

Bloomingdale: Mrs. Will Hilton and Mrs. Leon Bailey helped Mrs. Jack Hilton cook for threshers the latter part of the week.

Five Vernon County sheep herders, namely Guy Hornby and Lee Somerfield, Viroqua; A. Kalvestrand and John Parr, LaFarge; and George Zilling, De Soto, accompanied the county agent to Winona this Tuesday, where they attended a Lamb Clinic.

Deaths: Blanche Running Phillips, age 50, Cashton, died from an accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Alice Rhodina Kvigne, age 41, Mt. Sterling; Mrs. Edward Hermanson, age 59, Soldiers Grove; Hugh Mullholland, 52, of Indianapolis, formerly of Viroqua.

Wanted: town folks with farm experience. You’re wanted back on the farm to help win the war. There’s an urgent need for farm labor. For health and patriotic reasons, plan now to spend every day you can spare working on a farm.

Marriages: Dixie Jo Melvin, former Viroqua resident, married Orville E. Gimmestad of Minneapolis.

The Vernon County


Aug. 8, 1968

50 years ago

Good Shepherd Lutheran celebrates its diamond jubilee Saturday and Sunday this weekend. What was long known as Viroqua Lutheran Church was formed in 1919 with the joining of Bethesda Norwegian Lutheran Church and of Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church with a total membership of 653. Bethesda Lutheran had been organized in 1893, seventy-five years ago.

Sunset Bowl will open on schedule, owners Lyle and Don Gordon are advising bowlers. Their liquor license application is in process.

Deaths: Charles Nicholas Roou, 61; Edna (Miller) Lawrence, 91; Johnnie Brown, Jr., 62; Christian Anderson, 95.

John O’Neill of Randolph, Wisconsin replaces Paul Stelso and will be the new District Administrator of the De Soto Area Schools. He has 19 years in Administration. Mrs. O’Neill will teach Kindergarten in the Ferryville Schools.

The Vernon County


Aug. 12, 1993

25 years ago

The discussion of the possible merger of the Viroqua and Westby school districts ended when the Westby School Board did not approve a study of the proposal. There was a disagreement over the estimated consulting cost of $22,500. Board members from both districts felt that since much of the work had already been done by volunteer facility study committees the consulting cost was too high.

Matt Bekkedal of Viroqua, who began his athletic career at UW-La Crosse, became a spring camp athletic trainer for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. While a student at UW-L, Bekkedal had been the trainer for both the football and basketball teams. He will be going on to Bowling Green University to work toward a graduate degree in exercise science. Bekkedal will also be supervising student athletic trainers at the university.

After hearing a presentation by Jim Engel of the Wisconsin Department of Development Main Street Division, Westby business owners have agreed to pursue the “Main Street Project.” They will be attempting to qualify the same program that Viroqua qualified for years ago. The goal for the Westby business leaders was to once again make Main Street a hub of activity.

In the continuing conflict concerning the municipality liquor store in Westby, a second audit was recommended to the City Council. There were concerns about the amount of money lost during 1992. A number of residents had questions about the numbers presented to the city council by the city’s accounting firm.

The Viroqua Legion baseball team will be playing in their third straight Class A State Baseball championship. The championship game will be against Holmen. Viroqua made it to the championship game by beating Prescott by the score of 7-6.

A recent survey by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau found that the number one concern of local farmers was property taxes. Health insurance was the second major concern.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Aug. 8, 2008

10 years ago

News not available at press time.

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Carol Krogan, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen


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