The Vernon County Censor

March 5, 1919

100 years ago

February certainly retired with the noise and confusion of a lion.

City politics are very quiet: In fact not even undertone whisperings.

A number of young people went to Cashton for the last dance before Lent opened.

Ice dealers have taken fresh courage. Past ten days pf cold weather contributes to their joy.

Mail us your films to be developed and printed. We pay return postage. M.J. Jasperson.

Since relieved from the army Lieutenant Chauncey M. Morley has been bucking business at the electric light plant, the work that he gave some years of student time to before entering the government service.

A new revenue tax of $3.20 per gallon has been placed on whiskey. This brand of strong drink will now cost consumers around $13 per gallon. From now on, whiskey jags will be rather costly. The price of alcohol will naturally be about $20 per gallon. Tobaccos have taken nearly or quite a corresponding revenue jump.

Iceman Jack Tewalt informs us that he has ordered 400 tons of ice, the late cold weather manufactured plenty of this most necessary commodity.

Anton Aarstad, one of the first boys from this section to be called for the European war, arrived from France. Anton was through several hard battles and was severely wounded. After some months in hospitals, his wounds have entirely healed. - Cashton Record.

Earl Lowry who has been cheesemaker at Potts Corners factory on Weister Creek, is to be operator for Star Valley factory the present season.

The Vernon County Censor

March 9, 1944

75 years ago

What's the latest wartime scarcity? Oyster shell for laying hens is the main one that Badger farmers are reporting right now, according to the University of Wisconsin. The shortage is chiefly due to problems of transportation, and so will probably not be serious where feed dealers can cooperate to make present supplies last until greater amounts are being shipped in. Oyster shell is an "indispensable" in feeding laying hens. Egg production drops if the hens do not get plenty of calcium, and Wisconsin limestone doesn't contain enough to be a good substitute for the oyster shell. Moreover, it's not usually a good idea to count on the mash for supplying the calcium needed, the poultry specialists say. What a hen needs will vary from day to day and "free choice" feeding of oyster shell will let her vary the amount she takes.

A last minute spurt of bond buying put Vernon County well "over the top" as the fourth War Loan drive came to a triumphant close in the nation Tuesday. Official figures gave the Vernon county bond total at $1,070,349.50. The quota for the county was $960,000. Vernonites put their county on the "honor roll" with 106% of the "E" bond quota and 231% for "F" and "G" bonds. V.R. Schaefer, chairman of the War Finance committee and J. H. Wheelock, vice-chairman, joined today in words of warm praise for the untiring efforts of Minute Men and Block Leaders in all parts of the county.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

March 6, 1969

50 years ago

Ice fishing this winter has been just great…. for the fish. Success of the fisherman has been limited to sporadic periods of hungry fish taking almost any bait, to long days when nothing would bite on any bait. Grumblings from disappointed anglers were seldom drowned out by cheers of success from men with a full bag of fish…. well, at least their limit.

Deaths: Floyd Eugene Sharp, 23; Peter H. Peterson, 83; Carroll Tryggestad, 66; Telmer Ardel Olson, 29; Adolph Heinz, 83; Sarah (Levine) Moore, 68; Isaac Silbaugh, 82.

Viroqua played a stronger second half and downed Westby's Norsemen at Royall Saturday night. Westby was stopped 69-58 with heavy scoring by Rick Haun and Brent Sherry. The Viroqua victory put the Blackhawks into their own regional tournament here Friday and Saturday.

Following the Thursday Ladies Day Luncheon at the Viroqua Country Club, elections of officers was held. Bonnie Getter was elected president; Mabel Graves, vice president; Nora Clark, secretary and treasurer; Sandy Kuehn, golf chairman; Mary Kay Dyson, golf co-chairman with Janet Roehl as golf consultant and Odie Dregne, card chairman.

Rich Getter won the applause of his fellow students and the community this week although he didn't get past the quarterfinals of the state wrestling match. Getter won his first match, a 2-0 decision over Mark Van Donsel of Pulaski, but then lost 3-1 to Jim Sukopp of Racine Horlick.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

March 10, 1994

25 years ago

The Viroqua School Board approved a building referendum for a special election in May. Viroqua Area School District residents will vote on a building referendum for $6.3 million. If approved, the money will be used to construct, furnish and equip a new facility for pre-k through the fourth grade. District property taxpayers will face a monthly tax levy of anywhere from $53.50 to $214 depending on their equalized property values.

With the Viroqua school building referendum approved, several committees were formed to provide information for school district residents. A large number of questions had arisen which will be answered through a telephone campaign. Voters wanted to know simple things such as "Is playground equipment included in the $6.3 million?"

The Viroqua City Council voted 5-2 to reject a request from Pleasant Ridge School officials to locate a new facility on 28 acres near Willow Street and Sunset Drive. Residents in that area opposed the facility fearing it would mean wider roads, more traffic and a loss of privacy. The residents also feared losing the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

The Viroqua High School Blackhawks basketball team advanced to the final 16 in the W.I.A.A. Sectional Tournament with a resounding win over Westby by the score of 82-61. This will be the first time since 1985 that the Blackhawks had advanced to the final 16. Viroqua will play undefeated Blair-Taylor in the first sectional round and will be played in Onalaska.

The office of the Vernon County Emergency Government issued guidelines if flood waters threaten any county neighborhoods. The guidelines consisted of 20 basic flood safety rules of thumb for everything from things to do before the flood, during the flood and after the flood.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

March 12, 2009

10 years ago

A 3,200-cow concentrated animal feeding operation to be built near Westby is now aiming directly north of Viroqua. The proposed Petry Trust CAFO is changing its plans to locate its facility about a mile-and-one-half north of the city of Viroqua.

What was formerly The State Bank of Viroqua is now just the Viroqua Bank. The change in name was necessary only due to an internal change at the bank where it went from being state-chartered to operating under the national charter of the Baraboo Bancorporation.

Viroqua junior Karla Hagen acquired another title: state silver medalist. Hagen's bar routine was close to perfect at the 2009 WIAA Individual State Gymnastics Meet at Lincoln Field House in Wisconsin Rapids Friday with a silver medal score of 9.333.

The Vernon County Humane Society has hired Bethany Heins as its new executive director.

Brad Peterson, a 1998 graduate of Westby High School and 2003 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, was recently honored as the Arkansas Society of Professional Engineers Young Engineer of the Year.

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