The Vernon County Censor

Sept. 3, 1919

100 years ago

One of the really exquisite months of the year.

H.H. Rabbitt and crew of workingmen recently cleaned up a $3,000 job of concrete work about the county training school premises, putting in outside walks, gutters and curbs, also inside walks and approaches, including a spacious drive between the school grounds and the residence of Dr. Surenson. In connection with the curbs and gutters extended clear across the north and east side of that block, the improvement is very noticeable.

John P. Joyce is always first to discover Jack Frost in his seasonal pranks. For four mornings the past week, he found white frost on the grass in the low spot near the Southeastern round-house. A.F. Shilling reports white coating in Liberty town. No damage done to vegetation in these or other places.

Vernon County Training school opens September 15th in the new building. Those having one year or more of high school work are eligible to enter.

The store at Newry, owned by Paul Overgard, was entered by burglars on Sunday night of last week, and $25 was taken from the cash register. Nothing else was touched. The robbers entered by forcing the store door as we are informed. There seems to be no clue to the identity of the burglars. We glean from the Cashton Record.

At Ontario, Friday night, a dance was held on the street to celebrate the event of the pavement of a village block. It was a novel and joyful affair and joined in by many people from village and country.

Westby and LaFarge schools open next Monday.

The Vernon County Censor

Sept. 7, 1944

75 years ago

The 88th annual Vernon County Fair will open here Sept. 21st for a four-day exposition. This is the second time in the history of Vernon County Fairs that an exposition has been held on Sunday. Last year officials decided to try out the Sunday Fair with the result that an all-time record crowd turned out. The weather was ideal, which was a contributing factor. Barring bad weather, Vernon county’s 1944 fair promises to be one of the best in the history of local shows.

From a letter from Pfc. Dale O. Ames, somewhere in France: Just a few lines to let you know I am OK. Received letter of July 3 saying you had heard from me. I am sending an article telling what the countryside is like in France. Where it mentions the barns being the same as the houses, that is very true. You can only tell the difference by the houses having curtains in the windows. The article fails to mention the fine horses and cattle. This is the home of the Percheron horses. And I know the cattle here would suit Dad. They are very large and fat for dairy cattle. Red and white spotted like the Shorthorns back home. I think the people notice it, every place how the Americans play with the children so much. There is one little girl of four years old whom I have known for some time. She was quite fat, but the soldiers giving her so much candy it has made her more so than ever. The American solder’s candy ration has made friends with the children around the world. French children can all say “Any gum, chum?” in English now. First English they learned. The most interesting part of the French dress is they still wear wooden shoes for work. I never dreamed of that. It’s sure been interesting seeing how some of the rest of the world lives.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

Sept. 4, 1969

50 years ago

Two youths were killed at 1:20 a.m. Monday a mile and a half west of Hillsboro when their vehicle struck a bridge. Killed were the driver, Raymond Campbell, of La Farge, and a passenger sitting beside him, Raymond Sorenson, Waukesha. Three passengers from La Farge were hurt: Sheila Wolfe, 18, Danny Thayer, 21, and Linda Barclay, 19. Both killed were thrown from the vehicle, which was found in three pieces. No seat belts were noticed, the Vernon Sheriff’s office reported.

Deaths: Raymond L. Campbell, 18; Raymond M. Sorenson, 18; Harry S. Johnson, 75; Hazel Morrison, 73; Kitt (Farr) (Warner) (Morrison) Splitt, 91.

Thomas Garner, 18, Dakota City, Nebraska, is expected to plead guilty to a charge of armed robbery in County Court Thursday morning, according to Jim Schipper, District Attorney. He is charged with the event at the Rockton tavern last week. Lester Skundberg, Westby attorney, was appointed to represent Garner. A tavern northeast of Richland Center was also held up at gunpoint prior to the Vernon one at Rockton, which happened late Tuesday night last week.

The Vernon

County Broadcaster

Sept. 8, 1994

25 years ago

Astronaut Mark Lee from Viroqua will be on his third space mission this week. Lee will be making history on this flight by becoming the first person to take an untethered spacewalk. The spacewalk will last for six hours and he will maneuver around with an attached jet pack. In addition, Lee will be operating the Robot Operated Materials Processing System’s mechanical arm.

Last July, the plan by the Viroqua Country Club to expand the nine-hole golf course to eighteen holes was stopped by three stockholders who opposed the plan. Dave Zirzow who was the president of the club’s board of directors presented a new plan which he said would be an “end around the three stockholders.” The new plan only gifted the land for the new course and would retain possession of the original course of nine holes.

A citizens group, Citizens for Children, rallied behind the three Westby school board members who faced a recall election. Over 200 residents of the Westby School District attended a rally at the Bekkum Memorial Library to show support for the three school boards members facing recall.

Gov. Tommy Thompson congratulated the Viroqua Revitalization Association for a successful four years for the city’s downtown revitalization. In the Main Street Program Annual Report, Viroqua was cited for its participation in the program and its success in achieving its goals.

Three Viroqua High School students spent three weeks in Leyster County, Norway, researching their family’s Norwegian roots. All three were descendants of immigrants who came to America and Wisconsin from Norway.

The Vernon

County Broadcaster

Sept. 10, 2009

10 years ago

The state of Wisconsin wants to purchase 2.64 acres of land from the Vernon County Farm for the Hwys. 14/61/27 bypass project, but the county doesn’t like the price offered.

There were several patches of sweet corn growing at the Vernon County Farm this summer, however, nobody had received permission to plant the crop.

The Viroqua girls tennis team won its second straight match, 5-2, at West Salem Tuesday, Sept 1.

Paul and Geri Dull served as the King and Queen of Readstown’s Labor Day festivities this year. They rode toward the front of the Readstown Labor Day Parade.

The Viroqua Food Co-op will celebrate 14 years as the Driftless community’s connection to local food.

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