The Viroqua Chamber Main Street is proud to announce new members of the Board of Directors: Simon Stumpf, Matthias Minnig and Randy Skinner. The new members were elected by Viroqua Chamber Main Street membership via an online voting system, in person and at a meeting at the Historic Temple Theatre. New directors will serve three-year terms and replace: Bjorn Bergman, Luke Zahm and Eric Hartwig. Bios of each of the new Board of Directors members are below, written in their own words.

Simon Stumpf is a native of rural Minnesota and lives in between Viroqua and Westby, with his wife and three kiddos in a house he designed and built with his dad. He’s lived and worked in Africa, Asia, and North America and currently serves as the Director of Venture and Fellowship for Ashoka in the United States. In this role he helps identify and support Ashoka’s annual class of systems-changing Fellows in the U.S. For four years previously, Simon led Ashoka’s programs in East Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya and, before that, coordinated a global collaboration of over 100 leading social entrepreneurs focused on rural innovation and farming in Africa and South Asia. He regularly writes about his work on and has contributed articles to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fast Company, and the Christian Science Monitor. Simon holds degrees in anthropology and African studies from Yale University. He loves a good craft project but is usually too busy — depending on the season — pruning, gardening, weeding, or shoveling his 8-acre rural homestead.

Matthias Minnig: My path started back in 1984 with our family friends’ Mac computer. I knew that the beige box I sat behind every time I visited was something special. After graduating from The Cleveland Institute of Art, my tool of choice in my work as a graphic designer was always an Apple computer. When an opportunity to work at Apple arose in 2007, it was a dream come true. I was finally working directly for this great company I’d watched so long. But eventually, I changed. I wanted to get out of the city. I wanted to breathe fresh air and gaze up at a sky filled with stars. So in late 2013, I decided to move to Viroqua. I did tech support for Apple from home, becoming a Senior Advisor in the beginning of 2015. Although I loved being able to help all these people from all over the country, I began to desire a more local focus. I wanted to see my clients face to face. I thanked Apple for all its help and support over the last 9 years to go off on my own, training wheels off. It’s been two years since I opened my shop on Main St. I continue to love helping support the Apple users in my community. My guiding principle is to help you, the customer, in the most honest and best way that I can and to support the devices of the company that I grew up using and loving.

Randy Skinner: Since moving to Viroqua in 2015 I’ve had space in the Main Street Station Viroqua Public Market, opened The Bon Ton Millinery Apartments retail store with Jessica Hooper as part of the Chamber Main Street Pop Up program and run for County Board Supervisor in District 18. I am a huge supporter of the Chamber and have been a member since 2016, participating in the Wine and Beer Walks, as well as the Night Markets, along with many of the offered business tutorials. Prior to moving to Wisconsin I spent 30 years in the photography, film and music business. During that time, I was responsible for running a department of 16 employees and overseeing a yearly budget of $14 million. I am very invested in Viroqua being a vital, welcoming place to visit, live and work. It would be an honor to serve on the Board of Directors for the Chamber Main Street.

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