The Viroqua City Council approved 3-D CAD (computer-aided design) drafting services for Rock Avenue to Terhune Street as part of the Rock Avenue development project planning process at its meeting, Tuesday.

Alderperson Gregory Splinter, who does architectural work, presented the idea and led the discussion.

“I think it will be helpful to get 3-D images of the project,” Splinter said. “I have access to someone who could do that.”

Splinter said the person, who is a recent Western Technical College graduate and does 3-D drafting for him, could take ideas for the project and put them into a 3-D CAD drawing.

“He’d work on an hourly basis,” Splinter said. “I would not get paid for this; there is no compensation for me. I’d mandate you pay this fellow directly.”

Splinter said the man is affordable and could put together the “existing conditions” in about 30 hours, and it would take another 30 hours for the man to put together existing ideas and new ideas into a 3-D format.

“(It) would be to help us along with the conversation; it’s a tool and we can move things around,” Splinter said. “Arranging a drawing is cheaper than moving concrete.”

He said the man would charge $15 an hour, for a total of $900 for the 60 hours of work. Splinter added that is a “fraction” of what professional services would be.

Mike Koppa asked Splinter if he would be the “conduit” between the City Council and the man, and Splinter said yes.

“A lot of ideas have been expressed already,” Splinter said. “This process is about the culmination of ideas and putting them in 3-D images… It would help the discussion as a way to put ideas together and see what it looks like.”

Sondra Naxi said it would be helpful to see the ideas and move things around and “have visualization.”

Mayor Karen Mischel asked about the 30 hours needed to put together the “existing conditions.” Splinter said it meant that the 12-13 buildings for Rock Avenue to Terhune Street would be drawn up and it wouldn’t be a refined drawing. The second 30 hours, he said, is a culmination of ideas.

“Here we can have good ideas, bad ideas…,” Splinter said. “It’s a creative process for everyone. We can start with our imaginations… it may or may not (be a) go, (but) it’s OK.”

City Administrator John Severson said images are good and it’s a lot of help. “It’s a practical place to go.”

Terry Noble said going with the 3-D drafting services is a “good way to move forward.”

Koppa said whatever the City Council decides how to develop the Rock Avenue project, the development will be there for 100 years. “You don’t take it lightly. You get one chance to get it right. (The development) is not for us, we are making it for the next 100 years.” He said he would feel more comfortable that if as a group, the City Council voted to approve the 3-D CAD drafting services.

The City Council voted 8-0 to approve the 3-D CAD drafting services. Alderman Steve Bekkedal was absent.

Aldermen also heard a presentation from Angie Lawrence of the Viroqua Area Foundation, and artist Pete Hodapp about the Viroqua Mural Project. The mural will be painted on the side of Steve and Susan Campbell’s building located at 106 N. Main St.

Lawrence said the Viroqua Area Foundation has created a pass-through fund to raise money for the design, materials, labor and equipment needed to complete the mural in order to promote tourism and create beauty in the community. Hodapp created the design and will paint the mural on the Campbells’ building.

Lawrence said the design includes sumac, a cornfield, children, a sunset, hills and a trout stream.

Hodapp said the design doesn’t zero in on anything specific to Viroqua. He said the design represents the natural world. He said if you zero in on too many specifics, people feel left out. He said the mural will be painted directly on the wall using special paint that would adhere to the brick.

The estimated cost of the project is $16,600; $11,000 has been pledged or gifted to the project to date. Lawrence said if anyone would like to contribute to the Viroqua Mural Project, they may make all contributions to the: Viroqua Area Foundation, c/o Viroqua Mural, P.O. Box 262, Viroqua, WI 54665

In other business, the alderman accepted a donation of about 4 acres of land from Jessica Anderson, of the Viroqua Children’s House Montessori at 411 S. East Ave. Sarah Grainger, city engineer/public works director, said the acreage includes a “huge waterway” directly adjacent to the Viroqua Cemetery.

Severson said the city maintains the waterways in town. Grainger added that the donated land would have to be surveyed.

The City Council also approved a resolution to adopt the Vernon County Multi-Hazards Mitigation Plan 2018-2022. Police Chief Daron Jefson said the plan is updated every five years. The plan is being updated in accordance with the Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. By updating the plan, Vernon County, towns, cities and villages can become eligible for FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs.

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