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Letter to the editor: Let's reduce flooding runoff

Letter to the editor: Let's reduce flooding runoff

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Let’s reduce flooding runoff

After a destructive tornado and a 100-year flood that damaged crops and a bridge on a tributary of the Kickapoo River, Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s visit was most welcome. She characterized as “penny-wise and pound-foolish” FEMA’s policy to rebuild a structure only as it was prior to being damaged. She wants legislation that implements soil-health practices that reduce runoff, allowing farmers to be paid for ecological work that sequesters carbon in the soil, a practice essential to mitigate temperatures and flooding.

While Earth is experiencing severe weather events that threaten the extinction of species and civilizations, our region holds the possibility of mitigating climate catastrophe by replacing commodity crops and industrial food factories with regenerative, restorative agricultural practices. Instead of tax-dollars going to factory farms that pollute air, soil and water, money should go to agricultural and ranching practices that protect wetlands and support local family farmers being driven out-of-business by too-cheap food. Let’s pay farmers and ranchers who perform ecological services that mitigate the on-going extinction crisis.

Southwest Wisconsin is part of the Driftless Bioregion that multiple glaciers went around for half-a-billion years, leaving behind an intact ancient ecosystem that regenerated surrounding areas as the glaciers retreated. This remnant of original Earth has crystal clean water that supports excellent trout streams, hills that breathe, and rare plants and animals that are not found for hundreds of miles.

Let’s put our minds, hearts, money and muscle together so we can leave a living Earth to future generations.

Kathleen Tigerman,



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