Oct. 8

Top team: Serendipity Golf, series score 2,213

Top team: Serendipity Golf, game score 798

Top individuals: Pam Lee, series score 534 (215); Holly Bambenek 526 (203); Dede Hanson 510 (202); Cary Christianson 503 (210); Julie Leis 507

Oct. 1

Top team: Leer Transport, series score 2,161

Top team: Leer Transport, game score 786

Top individuals: Cary Christianson, series score 510 (224); Holly Bambenek 510; Bridget Strangstalien 503

Sept. 24

Top team: Viroqua Tree Service, series score 2,122

Top team: Viroqua Tree Service, game score 783

Top individuals: Pam lee, series score 523; Dede Hanson 504; Holly Bambenek 482.

Sept. 24Top team: Serendipity Golf, series score 2,224

Top team: Mark Anderson Realty, game score 795

Top individuals: Holly Bambenek, series score 551 (223); Cary Christianson 520 (209); Dede Hanson 510

Westby Area Men

Oct. 10

Top team: A-1 Septic, series score 3,405

Top team: A-1 Septic, game score 1,155

Top individuals: William Larson, series score 669 (235); Keith Dwyer 646; Dan Stellner 634

Oct. 3

Top team: A-1 Septic, series score 3,447

Top team: A-1 Septic, game score 1,231

Top individuals: Scott Sordahl, series score 678 (257); Keith Dwyer 617 (231); Dave Marsh 593 (226)


Oct. 9

Top team: Codgers, series score 3,541

Top team: Bleachers, game score 1,267

Top individuals: Don Ames, series score 716 (300); Keith Dwyer 705 (266); Randy Strangstalien 670 (253)

Oct. 2

Top team: Team Cheese, series score 3,476

Top team: Team Cheese, game score 1,239

Top Individuals: Randy Strangstalien, series score 662; Brett Burkum 654 (268); Keith Dwyer 645

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