Vernon Trails Area Composite (VTAC) mountain bike team

The Vernon Trails Area Composite (VTAC) mountain bike team and their coaches pose for a photo at a race earlier in the 2019 season.

Vernon Trails Area Composite (VTAC) mountain bike team competed at the State Championship Sunday, Oct. 27. This is the second year for the team which participates in the Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling Association. About 830 Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula athletes competed Sunday at Trek Trails in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Students in sixth to 12th grade can compete. VTAC riders attend high schools and middle/lementary schools in Vernon County.

Practice started in July and the five statewide races were in September and October in Eau Claire, Wausau, Mt. Morris, Waukesha and Waterloo. Each race is about 6 miles per lap, and mid-school racers complete one lap and high school racers complete two, three, or four laps. Coaches for the team include Pete Taylor, owner of Bluedog Cycles in Viroqua, and Suzie Howe.

The athletes that competed Sunday include:

Sixth-grade girls: Amelia Olson—8th place; Margo Wade—21st place; Rowan Cain—22nd place; Bella Max-Funovits—26th place.

Seventh-grade girls: Zaiah Manspeaker—9th place; Emma Brudos—10th place; Bria McKay—24th place; Calleigh Andersen—27th place.

Seventh-grade boys: Gibson Wade—23rd place; Eli Lenz—39th place; Vincent Naporski—62nd place; Cedar Semanchin—65th place; Soren DeClerq—68th place.

Freshman boys: Issac Thimmesh—9th place; Oliver Krieger-Fritsch—15th place; Adyn Brudos—25th place; Dylan Andersen—38th place; Fischer Olson—45th place; Kale Bernstein—56th place.

Athletes that competed at races earlier in the season include Andrew Fassbinder (eighth grade), August Bieser (seventh grade), Azriel Hammje (sixth grade), and Mina Hammje (10th grade). For more information, visit or find Vernon Trails on Facebook.

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