Americans have always been driven by our rich and colorful history. That history has made us into the country we are today. We learn from what doesn’t work, or what hasn’t worked in the past, and build on what does work. George Santayana once said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” America was once great at remembering and teaching the past, I accredit that to families sitting around the dinner table and finding their way to church on Sunday, but now we are trying to erase our history. Americans concern themselves too much with the eastern hemisphere’s problems, and we try to fight their battles. Our battles here at home are much more important than other country’s problems. We must turn America in the right direction to strengthen our economy, military, and education. But most importantly, and to find the best path, we must unite ourselves as one.

America’s racial issues are creating tensions and sides between people. We are not learning from the important lessons of the civil war. Instead we have determined the statues of confederate generals and soldiers make heroes out of slave owners. We tear these statues down and give poor excuses for a tantrum, these people just want a reason to riot. That is our history that is disappearing. In one hundred years, will children learn who fought for what? Our country is heading back to a civil war because we are “Republicans” and “Democrats” instead of Americans. Can we learn from these statues, the good or the bad, instead of destroying them? Americans should hope to expand knowledge and broaden the horizon on many topics to achieve brotherhood in this country.

America will need to stop trying to prevent an issue with force. We should not have to be viewed as the world’s police by the other countries. I think our minds have become caught up in terrible events, and we try to avert minor issues in Europe and Asia. Should we have to be the only country that will step in when the issue is not on our own land. We have been in the Middle East for close to thirty years. Most of the middle eastern countries hate the United States. Why should we fight for people who hate us? Instead we should focus our attention on our home. We are so far into debt, and yet we keep going further. Maybe Americans should work to reverse the debt. We have ghettos, poverty, and shootings daily, but the news doesn’t report that, they report on only the most important events. If we can’t stop policing the world, we may be headed toward the third world war. There are some strong and dangerous countries that do not enjoy the presence United States near them, like Russia and North Korea. America should not turn its back on these countries, but we need to find a point to cooperate. We cannot be blind to the eastern hemisphere, but there are problems that need to be addressed in America. We should instead, worry about our lost jobs to other countries with cheap labor.

Many Americans hope for the day that our factory jobs return to America. When the factories left for cheaper labor, many families fell into poverty. The companies that built this country now decide to leave us for more profit. We could increase the import tax to bring some of the companies back home. If it cost them more to ship it into the United States, they should return so they don’t have to pay a tax. When the companies were around, the economy was flourishing. Though the part may cost more than it did when it was Chinese made, the company would create jobs and stabilize life for many of Americans that have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Our hope has always been, and will always be, to build a stronger America. In order for any progress to be made, people need to band together as friends and families. In the past, we were able to make this country stronger using history to power us. It will take work from the citizens, the government, and the companies, but we can turn America in the right direction and hope the future generations take care of us. Only when we unite in thoughts and actions, America, will one day be stronger than it ever had been before.


Westby Times editor

Dorothy Robson is editor of the Westby Times. Contact her at 608-637-5625.

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