Book cover: 'A Sister's Test' by Wanda Bruenstetter

TITLE: “A Sister’s Test”

AUTHOR: Wanda Brunstetter (book two of a trilogy)

The Hostettler family suffered and endured many hostile attacks of vandalism. It started with cut clothesline, burned down a house, burned out the bees, dead chickens, destroyed garden, exploded outhouse, and toilet papered house, shop and barn!! Who was doing these dangerous attacks? Why? The worst attack in my opinion was a black truck that kept ramming into a buggy until it tipped, killing the young driver. Martin and Ruth had been married only two months and this occurred on Christmas Eve. Her internal injuries would not allow her to bear children. Would any man want her? How did the tragedy affect her?

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The three Hostettler daughters differed in temperament, personality, likes and dislikes. Ruth was the oldest and considered trustworthy, responsible, and helpful. Grace married an English man and was mother to a little girl, Ann. How did this marriage affect her Amish family and her Amish community? What happens when Grace returns to her Amish community? Will she remarry? Were any of the attacks a grudge against her? Martha was the third daughter and was a true tomboy, helping with all the outside chores. She bred dogs and sold them. Would she some day have her own animal shelter? Where? She fell in love with Luke but the relationship was strained because Luke was a suspect doing the attacks. Was it him getting revenge since he once dated Ruth?

Rosemary (an aunt) came unexpectedly after a 30-year absence. Why did she come? Why was her brother so hostile in accepting her? Would she rejoin the Amish community? Was it foolish for her to come back? If she settled down, where would she live? Rosemary becomes a huge help to all family members, having her own phone and car. Can she help the neighbor Abe who lost his wife and little boy? Will Ruth help Abe? Misunderstanding, misery, and confusion abounded at every turn!

Abe’s wife was killed by lightning, leaving him with raising their six children. How did he deal with his losses and a broken leg? Who would help raise the kids? The attacks continued for two years. Would someone be caught and apprehended? Why wasn’t the sheriff very helpful? Would the family give up and move? Read this exciting story for answers to the many questions I have left for you to explore.

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