Book cover: 'Return with Honor'

TITLE: “Return with Honor”

AUTHOR: Capt. Scott O’Grady and Jeff Coplon

The title is the adopted slogan by families of America’s POWS and MIAs to whom this book is dedicated.

“Return with Honor” is the incredible true-life story of one man’s fierce struggle to survive in hostile territory of war-torn Bosnia.

On June 2, 1995 Scott was helping enforce NATO no-fly zone over Bosnia when a Russian anti–aircraft missile slammed around him. He desperately grabbed the ejection handle and pulled five miles up at 350 mph escaping death. Sometimes the enemy was only five feet away from his hiding places. He relied on his survival training and deep faith to evade capture and established contact with comrades-in-arms who could pull him out.

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On day four he made radio contact , but his voice was not received! He knew he could live only 30 days without food but only three days without water. His judgement became more difficult. Sometimes he drank muddy water wrung out from his dirty socks that were worn for five days. He also ate grass and insects to stay alive.

A 6-minute rescue included 61 men and four choppers after being lost for over six days. Scott suffered from trench foot, dehydration, hypothermia, second degree burns on his neck and cheeks, bruises, scrapes, high blood pressure readings and pulse rate. After the rescue where is he sent? So much detail within his story and a must to read.

From Bosnia Capt. Grady arrived at the White House for a Pentagon ceremony described as “One moment of perfection in a world of imperfection.” What inspirational tale of courage, faith, and patriotism. These six horrible days in Bosnia resulted in a religious retreat for Scott and a total spiritual renewal.

What is next for Capt. O’Grady? Read and enjoy this true story of valor, courage and faith.

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