Book cover: 'The Live I Live' by Rory Feek

TITLE: “The Life I Live”

AUTHOR: Rory Feek

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This is the second book by Rory that I have read. It is a story of love, faith, and hope. Rory had a failed marriage before he married Joey who died of cancer. In his first marriage to Ruth he was blessed with two daughters, Hope and Heidi who have a close relationship with Dad. Heidi was only 3 and Hope was 18 months old when Ruth left them for six years. Why did she come to see them after that long? How did the girls react to her? Again Ruth disappears and her second visit to the girls is when they are 18 and 20 years old. Do the girls develop a relationship with their mother?

Rory was born in Atchison, Kansas but his family moved a lot so he doesn’t recall much of his childhood. At 14 he was driving the car to get booze for his mother, no license, no tags, no insurance or brakes most of the time. His family was poor and often lived in with other relatives. Dad was invisible and gone most of the time but yet Rory considered him his hero. How did Dad pass away? How did this affect Rory? He was a wild teenager who with friends robbed a train for Froot Loops but were caught. How were they boys punished? He served in the Marines for eight years and learned a lot about life in the real world. He raised the girls as a single parent. He wrote 350 songs and was earning $300.00 a week. He prayed with the girls every night for rest, family, friends, and that God would help him get a recording. Then Joey enters his life and his life changes forever. After 10 years of marriage they have a daughter, Indiana, who has Down Syndrome and that story is in the first book I shared earlier with you. Read either of the books by Rory to see how and where he is living today.

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