Book cover: 'Don't Best Against Me' by Deanna Favre

TITLE: “Don’t Bet Against Me”

AUTHOR: Deanna Favre with Angela Hunt

Deanna’s living proof that no one is immune to tragedy, but she’s emerged as a survivor! She always preferred to let her famous husband and NFL football player be in the limelight. As a quiet girl from a small town in Mississippi she lived a quiet life until Dec. 22, 2003 when the spotlight shifted. That night Brett’s dad died as he played football and brought victory to the Packers over the Oakland Raiders. In October 2004 tragedy struck again when her brother Casey was killed in an ATV accident and four days later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. How did she and Brett deal with so much sadness in such a short time?

In this memoir Deanna shares highlights of her life and the triumphs behind the scenes as a single mom and her marriage to Brett. They dated during their college years but were 40 miles apart. At age 19 and in her second year of college she became pregnant. They agreed to keep the baby but it meant she had to quit school and support herself and baby with odd jobs. Life was a roller coaster because she was young, inexperienced and broke. Brittany was born Feb. 6, 1989. What was Brett doing to help if at all? Was he very supportive?

Together they learned that life is precious, sometimes too short, and never easy!

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One very uncomfortable experience she shared was the TV interview by herself. She described it as feeling like a Redneck country girl who stumbled into a formal ball and she chose never to view that interview. Where was Brett then? Why wasn’t he part of the interview?

She always felt fearful and anxious when Brett played football because she never liked the sport. Her world was family centered-not football. After losing his dad, her brother and her cancer journey Brett agreed with her that family was going to be his priority.

When Brett was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for a first round draft pick she was given the opportunity to go back to college. Things seemed to be going well but not for long... Brett was a “party boy” staying out all night. He was loud, rough, had mood swings, and was hateful! How many of his fans knew that? How long did this behavior continue? He ignored his wife and family after being addicted to pain killers. Deanna didn’t want to stay in Green Bay because she became depressed, lonesome, and homesick. Twice a week she visited a friend’s house for prayer sessions as she was seeking answers to her many questions. She had sacrificed so much for Brett but his affair with another woman was the breaking point for her. He begged her not to leave him and was willing to make the marriage work. He entered a treatment center and in 1996 they had a simple wedding ceremony. After a very difficult pregnancy Deanna gave birth to Breleigh in 1999. Life improved but how? I learned a lot about the Favre family and you will too when you pick up this book.

Her friends and family inspired Deanna in her journey with breast cancer but most important so did Brett who now took his role as father and husband very seriously. Big things that once seemed so important now seemed trivial. Things that once seemed small and trivial now became precious. Through life’s journey the Favres remind us not to take anyone for granted but remain a fighter, be positive and keep a strong faith.

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