Book cover: 'Fail Until You Don't' by Bobby Bones

TITLE: “Fail Until You Don’t”

AUTHOR: Bobby Bones

This is a self-help book to help overcome failures and rejections which were very common in Bobby’s personal life. I don’t like self-help books, but I liked Bobby on “Dancing with the Stars,” so thought I would read his book.

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Bobby is a loner who faced many failures and rejections before he achieved a successful career. Forbes dubbed him the most powerful man in country music, he was well known for his radio show, and received several awards such as National-on-the-Air Personality and the 2017 Country Music Association for National Broadcasting Personality. His band, Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots, was popular and well received, and best of all he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. His book tells of the struggles he experienced before all this glitz and glamor.

Bobby was born in a poor community with a mother who struggled with drugs and alcohol and a father who was absent in his life for 30 years. Because he came from less he had to give more to achieve his dreams. Every failure he faced was considered as an opportunity in disguise. His philosophy of life is about “winning by losing.” The three stages he suggests to readers and followed himself include: Fight for your goals, Grind- meaning do the work no matter how sick or tired you are and Repeat by doing things over until you have achieved your goal. Might be good advice, eh? He stresses how success has nothing to do with money and is just being able to do what you love . Also he shared stories of several famous people to prove his point that riches can be more than money and reputation is very important. Do you agree?

My favorite part of the book was his personal story of how he flew from Austin, Texas, to Little Rock, Ark.,for a 45-minute conversation with his dad after the 30-year absence. Bobby had many questions to ask his dad, but Dad had none. Did Dad know enough of Bobby through his accomplishments and success? Was Dad not interested? Why did Dad agree to meet with Bobby?

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