Book cover: 'Blessings' by Kim Sawyer

TITLE: “Blessings”

AUTHOR: Kim Sawyer

The main character in this story is a young Mennonite lady named Trina who wants to become a vet because of her love for animals. When Trina is not working at the family café as a waitress she assists the local vet whenever the opportunity comes along. She gains lots of knowledge from reading and working closely with the local doctor.

Trina’s mind is full of questions: “Why is it wrong for her to become a vet? Why would God give such a deep desire if it was not meant to be pursued? Why can’t her parents and Graham the man she plans to marry understand? Why can’t they allow her to be the person she wants to be? Who would understand? How will parents react when they learn she is taking online classes with a dear friend in order to get her GED? “

Lots of hurt, anger and despair throughout Trina’s life that she has to deal with and so many mixed emotions on whether to give her goal up completely or strive for approval from her Mennonite community? Was she opening doors for other young girls in her community? Should her marriage to Graham be put off until college is over or get married before college begins if it is to happen?

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Beth and Sean are Trina’s best non-Mennonite friends who help her with providing a computer to her and advise her in many difficult times.

Can Trina ever prove to the community that her being a vet will not damage her faith?

What happens when the elderly local vet sells his clinic? Will Trina still be able to work with animals under a new vet? Does selling the clinic crush and end her dream of becoming a vet?

More stress is added to her life when Graham suffers major and very serious injuries as a result from a truck accident. Would he even want to marry Trina after the accident? The saying, “Good things come to those who patiently wait” proves true for Trina but how and to what degree?

If you enjoyed this book you will also enjoy “Bygones” and “Beginnings,” the other two books in this trilogy. Happy reading !

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