Holmen Drive was just paved last year but the northbound lanes north of Halfway Creek have had to be redone and there have been several change orders that also have increased the cost of the project.

The cost of the Holmen Drive reconstruction project continues to rise. Two more change orders increase the amount Holmen needs to pay the contractor to $21,292.

At its March 1 meeting, the Holmen Public Works Committee voted to recommend the Holmen Village Board approved payment of costs incurred by the contractor for work it performed on a water main and a sewer main. Valves on the water main, located at the intersection of Hale Drive and South Main Street, created issues for the contractor.

“It took the contractors a half day to find the main,” said Holmen Public Works Director Dean Olson. “The water main was 11 feet deep and the valve boxes were in a very deteriorated state.”

Along with repairing and replacing the valves, repairs to the main included moving the main and excavating and replacing the water line. The second change order covers the costs of repairs of a sewer main resulting from design inadequacies.

“This again was something a designer could not know about,” said Olson. “The sewer main is 50-years-old.”

“It was one of many surprises,” said HPWC member Steve Johnston.

The two new change orders are the latest in unanticipated overruns for the highway project. The overruns generally involved utility improvements the village decided should be done while the street was torn up.

Olson advised the committee members he anticipates there will likely be another change order that will be brought before them for approval.

Chippewa Concrete Services, Inc. of Chippewa Falls was the contractor for the 2017 project. The original bid for the project was $5,279,531. The village has had to dip into its reserves to cover the additional costs.

Traffic study report

The HPWC reviewed a traffic study conducted by Traffic Analysis & Design, Inc. of Cedarburg regarding future traffic control needs in the village’s tax increment finance district #2.

The traffic analysis looked out 10 years using a 70 percent build out in the TIF district located on the northern edge of the village.

The term build-out is used to indicate the condition when an area has been developed.

“A 30-percent to 50 percent build out could indicate some traffic control would be called for,” said Olson. “That could be lights or roundabouts.”

The roadways included in the study were U.S. Hwy 53, State Hwy 35, County Hwy XX, County Hwy HD, Amsterdam Prairie Road, Bluffview Court and Old Wisconsin 93. Other roadways considered in the study were Rotterdam Road and Staphorst Lane, which are planned to be extended to connect with State Hwy 35 and Old Highway 93. The on and off ramps for US Hwy 53 were also included in the study.

With the rate of development underway in the village, the study projects and uses a very aggressive 70 percent build-out in the district by 2028 to estimate the traffic impact over the next 10 years. Development in the TIF district would be a mix of residential and commercial.

The study recommended traffic lights be installed on State Hwy 35 at Amsterdam Prairie Road, Rotterdam Road, Staphorst Lane where they intersect with State Hwy 35 and at the off ramps from US Hwy 53 and State Hwy 35.

The HPWC members voted to send the study on to the HVB for approval.


Coulee Courier and Houston County News editor

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