WSHS honors students with Extra Effort Award

WSHS honors students with Extra Effort Award

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West Salem High School’s Extra Effort Award recognizes students for their continuous hard work and dedication to school-related activities. The award is given seasonally to students nominated by teachers and then voted on by the entire faculty.

This season’s Extra Effort winners include Maggie Solberg, Damian Schwier, Nushoua Xiong, Christian Wentz, Taylor Matthews, Mariah Arneson, Jared Novak, Brennan Bahr and Pep Club.

The students chosen for the award are model students because they exemplify what students go through these days. The Extra Effort Award gives students credit for their perseverance. If there’s one characteristic that chemistry teacher Jennifer Stenberg said all of these students carry, it’s that they’re motivated.

Stenberg nominated Solberg and Schwier, describing them as “students that go the extra mile, but also may be students that aren’t usually recognized for their hard work.”

The award means a lot to Solberg. “It always feels good being recognized for something you care about,” Solberg said. “I enjoy working hard to see good results. Being recognized for my hard work means a lot to me, even when you don’t think someone is noticing your hard work, someone always is.”

English teacher Kimberly Volden nominated senior Nushoua Xiong for the Extra Effort Award. Xiong “goes out of his way to help his fellow students,” she said. “He’s just a really good person, one I think people should look up to as a leader.”

English teacher Laura Deal nominated Christian Wentz. Deal saw Christian “put forth extra effort in acting in the classroom, in his school work and in his participation overall.”

Sophomore Taylor Matthews was nominated by social studies teacher Eric Borre. In his nomination, Borre spoke of Matthews’ ability to overcome obstacles while maintaining a positive attitude.

Another social studies teacher, Ryan Nelson, nominated senior Mariah Arneson for the award. Nelson said “her ability to communicate and collaborate sets her apart from her peers and from many adults. She is a peer role model who is destined for greatness.”

Paul Liethen, automotive and metals teacher, nominated Jared Novak. Novak, he said, “has been a leader in the Career Academy night class, and set an example for all to follow. Jared works very hard in all that he does, and is doing exceptionally well as an automotive youth apprentice.”

Ben Pierce is a West Salem High School student in the journalism program.


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