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About Jolivette Family Farms Inc

Jolivette Family Farms is known for their homegrown fruits and vegetables which can now be enjoyed year round.

Jolivette’s was purchased in 1970 by the John Jolivette family and has been serving the 7 Rivers community ever since. This would include La Crosse, Winona, Vernon, Jackson, Monroe, Houston and Buffalo counties.

In 1974, the Jolivette's started growing strawberries on their 500-acre farm.

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Today, they raise 13 acres of strawberries and 35 acres of sweet corn. They use the remaining acreage to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and soybeans.

They built their greenhouses in 1975 which are used for housing their flowers and plants from March-August.

People throughout the 7 Rivers Region anxiously await the opening of Jolivette's each season to take their first bite of freshly grown fruits and vegetables. In 2009, Jolivette’s found a way to stay open year round. They built their new facility in order to provide the space they needed to sell and freeze the fruits and vegetables during the winter months. They also were able to add freezers and coolers, with the new larger space, so they could start a grocery line which includes milk, cheese, frozen goods, bakery items and many other delicious foods.

Jolivette's also offers wholesale services. They supply high quality produce, paper products and many other items for restaurants and a variety of other businesses. You can contact the sales department @ 608-786-1930 for more information!

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