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Our 7 Rivers podcast: Dairyland Power CEO Barbara Nick talks sustainable energy

In this edition of the the 7 Rivers podcast, Barbara Nick, CEO of Dairyland Power, talks about sustainable energy production and safety in … Read more

Valley View Mall works to bring in more local businesses

Valley View Mall’s newest retailer, and a local store owner who’s been in the mall since 2007, say they like the mall’s efforts to attract … Read more

Tom Still: A speed-dating match made in Lambeau

MADISON — If you’ve ever gone on a “speed date,” and even if you haven’t, you probably get the concept: A short meeting in which both parti… Read more


Video: Caledonia couple's coffee shop became community staple

Amanda and Jeremiah Ninneman opened The Wired Rooster Coffee Shop in Caledonia, Minn. in 2015 in an effort to help revitalize the downtown … Read more

Podcast: 7 Rivers Alliance Chris Hardie talks about importance of economic partnerships

In the second episode of the 7 Rivers podcast, Rusty and Chris talk about the importance of working across state and geopolitical boundarie… Read more

Winona meeting to explore formation of a regional transportation coordinating council

Meetings will be held across southeast Minnesota during the month of February to review existing transportation challenges and discuss form… Read more


Horsfall's Lansing Variety continues to amaze shoppers

LANSING, Iowa — With Christmas only nine days away, there’s been an increase in the number of holiday-season items on display at Horsfall’s… Read more

Video: Art Haus in Decorah

Video: Northeast Iowa tourism