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Hitting the road for the holidays? Car rental prices are sky-high again

People renting cars for holiday trips may be in for sticker shock. Rental rates are rising again as Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approach. Read more


It’s Time To Think About Getting A Real ID Driver’s License

Real IDs are the federal government’s way of creating minimum security standards when it comes to issuing driver’s licenses in the U.S. The deadline for getting a Real ID driver’s license has been pushed back until May 2023 but you’ll want to make sure you get one far in advance of the deadline. You don’t […] Read more


Nissan to invest $17.6 billion in electric vehicles

Nissan is planning to spend $17.6 billion over the next five years in order to add 23 new battery-powered vehicles to its lineup. Read more


Dodge to phase out Challenger and Charger in EV shift

Dodge will phase out its gas-powered Charger and Challenger muscle cars by 2024 in favor of electric muscle cars. Read more


Switch to a set of winter tires

The standard tires that came with your vehicle are likely all-seasons. As their name implies, these tires are suitable for all conditions. But think of all-seasons as jack-of-all-trades, master of none. You’ll get the best grip and stability on snowy or icy roads if you fit your car with dedicated winter tires. These tires are engineered for situations such as heavy snow or black ice. Read more


Electric Cars: Americans Begin The Shift To EVs

U.S. goal has EVs as 50% of 2030 sales, possibly 100% by 2035. Batteries will be small and powerful. Public chargers must be built. Buyers must be convinced. Read more


EV FAQs: All Your Questions Answered About Electric Cars

Explained: EVs vs. plug-ins vs. hybrids, range anxiety, the right charger, do EVs catch fire a lot, why Tesla stock is high, can the U.S. go 100% EV by 2035. Read more


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Photos: Mazda cars will know when drivers have stroke or heart attack

The Mazda Co-Pilot Concept, when sensing a driver has had a sudden health problem, will come to a stop, finding a safe place as quickly as … Read more


5 to drive in 2022: These vehicles are worth the wait

Here are five new and improved 2022 vehicle models that are worth waiting until they arrive on dealer lots. Read more


15 cars that have depreciated the most in 2021

All new cars depreciate, but some lose value more than others. Read more

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What Is Casualty Insurance And Why Should You Care?

You’ve likely heard of “property and casualty insurance.” The property part refers to physical things you own like your car, house and furniture. But what is casualty insurance, and why should you care about it? What Is Casualty Insurance? Casualty insurance provides liability coverage in case you’re responsible for other people’s property damage or injuries. […] Read more

Who Pays If Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

The cleanup from a car crash can be messy. It can get messier if you weren’t driving your car but, instead, a friend was behind the wheel. Part of the complication surrounds who pays if your friend crashes your car. Buckle up as we take you down the road of this potentially bumpy issue. Car […] Read more

Facts About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is deadly: 3,142 people died as a result of distracted driving in 2019, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA). Seemingly harmless behaviors like quickly reading a text message can have serious consequences. Consider this: Sending or reading a text that takes your eyes off the road […] Read more